IOG - Agricultural

The Agricultural Industry Operator Group (IOG) meets regularly to discuss issues and concerns specific to the agricultural sector.



Name Organisation Position Contact
Wayne Newton AgForce Grains President
Zachary Whale AgForce Queensland Grains Policy Director
Chair Agricultural IOG
John McKew Australian Fodder Industry Association (AFIA) Chief Executive Officer
Burn Ashburner
Dan Galligan
Canegrowers Senior Manager - Industry
Michael Murray Cotton Australia National Water Policy Manager, Queensland Policy Manager
Josh Connell GrainCorp Limited Senior Manager, Northern Supply Chain
Amelia Shaw GrainGrowers Policy Manager, Rural Affairs
John Darby Grain Handlers Association Queensland Representative
Tony Mahar National Farmers Federation (NFF) CEO
Prudence Gordon National Farmers Federation (NFF) General Manager, Trade and Economics
David Mailler NSW Farmers Executive Councillor - Region 2
Kathy Rankin NSW Farmers Policy Advisor
Lionel Wieck Peanut Company Australia (PCA) Grower Relationships
Rob Kerin Primary Producers South Australia (PPSA) Chief Executive
Stephen Sheridan Victorian Farmers Federation Grains Group Manager


If you belong to an association, you’re encouraged to raise any concerns or pass feedback through your representative. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the NHVR’s Manager Industry Stakeholder Engagement, John Gilbert, to discuss your concerns or suggestions for improvement.

John Gilbert, OAM
Manager Industry Stakeholder Engagement
Phone: 07 3309 8576
Mobile: 0423 550 233