Tell a mate

Tell a mate - Focus on fatigue

Tell a mate to focus on heavy vehicle safety

The NHVR has teamed up with Shane Jacobson—one of Australia’s most well-known television personalities—as part of the ‘Tell a Mate’ heavy vehicle safety campaign.

The ‘Tell a Mate’ campaign encourages industry to chat to their mates about things like fatigue, driving safely around trucks and etiquette around using truck rest stops.

Heavy vehicle safety is everyone’s business, whether you drive a truck or car, tow a trailer or caravan, and we know simple conversations can make a big difference. Everyone can help spread the message by telling a mate to focus on heavy vehicle safety while they’re on the roads.

Campaign material - videos

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Tell a mate to take a break and get home safe


Tell a mate to take your time and don't rush for a dedline


Tell a mate that truck rest bays are for trucks


Key Messages

Tell a mate who drives a truck

  • Take your time, don’t rush for a deadline
  • Check your load is properly restrained
  • Do a daily heavy vehicle check
  • Know your heavy vehicle journey
  • Don’t drive distracted
  • Drive to the conditions and don’t speed

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Tell a mate to focus on fatigue

  • Dim or fuzzy vision? Take a break
  • Know your heavy vehicle work and rest requirements
  • Take your time. Don’t rush for a deadline
  • Is your written work diary up to date?

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Tell a mate that an approved Electronic Work Diary (EWD)

  • Is a voluntary option for recording work and rest hours
  • Is an regulatory alternative to a written work diary
  • Can include portable devices like mobile phones, tablet or more traditional telematics devices
  • Records time in minutes, rather than rounds up work time or rounding down rest time
  • Can assist a driver to more accurately record work and rest hours

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Tell a mate in your heavy vehicle supply chain

  • Changes to Chain of Responsibility laws are coming
  • To know your role or roles in the transport task
  • Don’t put any pressure on a driver to break the law
  • To understand their role in making heavy vehicle safety a priority
  • Take steps to effectively minimise or eliminate your heavy vehicle safety risks
  • Check and monitor safety in your business and across your supply chain

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Tell a mate who drives a car

  • Be truck aware
  • Tailgating gets you nowhere
  • Can you see my mirrors?
  • Leave truck bays clear for truck drivers to rest
  • Distraction kills, be alert around heavy vehicles
  • Share the road. Allow heavy vehicles space to operate
  • Leave extra space for a heavy vehicle to turn
  • Don’t steal the space in front of a heavy vehicle
  • Drive to the conditions around heavy vehicles
  • Stay safe around heavy vehicles

Find more information by reading NHVR safely driving Australia (PDF, 631KB)