Past consultation

Fees for regulatory services: Setting fees for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator in an initial operational phase

Consultation closed on 4 January 2013 and a total of nine submissions were received.

Fees for regulatory services - consultation document (PDF, 1MB) - This consultation paper sets out our proposed fees for regulatory services under the HVNL while we transition to a cost-recovery model. Our approach was, wherever possible, to propose a fee for service that averages the relevant fees currently charged by the states and territories. We also aimed to ensure the total revenue collected across Australia remains largely the same.

Fees for regulatory services - submissions analysis (PDF, 422KB) - This paper summarises the key issues raised during public consultation to provide stakeholders with full transparency about the fee development process. It also provides a brief overview of the NHVR future intentions for progressing the cost-recovery regime required by governments.