Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions 2016

Strategic Directions 2016 (PDF, 3MB)

This document articulates our long term vision for the regulation of the heavy vehicle industry in this country, identifies the key challenges, and outlines the strategies we propose to achieve our aims in the coming years. Strategic Directions 2016 has two purposes:

  1. To signal to industry, regulatory partners and other stakeholders, what our major regulatory challenges are and the actions we will take to address them.
  2. To give direction, focus and guidance to our organisation in performing our current and future activities.

Setting the Agenda 2016-2020

Setting the Agenda - Strategies for a Safer, Productive and more Compliant Heavy Vehicle Industry 2016-2020 (PDF, 2.2MB)

This document contains three core, interlinked strategies the NHVR has developed to provide leadership and drive sustainable improvements to safety, productivity and efficiency outcomes across the heavy vehicle industry.

  1. National Heavy Vehicle Safety Strategy
  2. National Heavy Vehicle Compliance and Assurance Strategy
  3. National Heavy Vehicle Productivity Strategy

These three strategies underpin the Strategic Directions 2016 document which outlines the NHVR’s strategic priorities for the next 10 years.

Setting the Agenda Action Plan (PDF, 50KB) - The attached Action Plan outlines the priority actions for 2016-17. This is a living document that will be updated over the course of the strategies.

Quarterly Snapshots

NHVR Quarterly Snapshot Q1 2016-17 (PDF, 7.5MB)

Welcome to the NHVR’s new look Snapshot for the period July to September 2016.

As a regulator, the NHVR takes steps to ensure we are open and transparent in delivering regulatory reform and our services. It’s important that our industry and the wider community understand the on-going work to develop and support a regulatory framework for the heavy vehicle industry and all parties in the supply chain.

The Quarterly Snapshot highlights data collected by the NHVR and road managers, for programs that deliver safety and productivity across the heavy vehicle industry. This is an important tool for the industry to measure our performance and as always, we value your feedback.

NHVR Quarterly Snapshot Q4 2015-16 (PDF, 734 KB)

NHVR Quarterly Snapshot Q3 2015-16 (PDF, 694 KB)