NHVR Safety Policy

Provide comments on the draft NHVR Safety Policy. Closes 5 November 2018.

What is it?

The NHVR Safety Policy will outline the guiding principles we apply in developing and administering a regulatory framework that supports the Heavy Vehicle National Law and our vision for safety in the heavy vehicle industry.

Why we’re consulting

The NHVR’s operation role in heavy vehicle safety is expanding. The Safety Policy will apply to all regulatory and operational activities, incorporating the planning, execution and maintenance of regulatory initiatives performed by

  • the NHVR
  • other parties acting on the NHVR’s behalf.

While the heavy vehicle industry is ultimately responsible for the safety of its operations, it is the role of the NHVR to provide an appropriate regulatory framework and mechanisms to support the industry in achieving this.

The NHVR welcomes your comment on the draft - NHVR Safety Policy.


The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) requires that the NHVR facilitates and regulates the use of heavy vehicles in a way that promotes public safety and safe business practices.

The NHVR’s corporate strategy and planning documents: Strategic Directions 2016 and Setting the Agenda 2016 – 2020, articulate our regulatory requirements by identifying our vision for safety…

to minimise harm to drivers and passengers, other road users and property associated with heavy vehicle incidents.

The Safety Policy is intended to promote an environment of continuous improvement that embraces safety, including the constant evaluation of activities and initiatives to ensure that they are delivering the intended safety outcomes. This includes monitoring best practice in Australia and overseas.

Key documents

Making a submission

You are invited to provide comment on the draft NHVR Safety Policy using the NHVR Safety Policy feedback form (DOCX, 251KB). Responses can be submitted by 5 November 2018 via email to safety@nhvr.gov.au

More information

Amanda Capper, Manager Safety Systems