Forestry Log Haulage - Industry Code of Practice

This consultation closed on 28 May 2021. The NHVR would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback.

forestry code of practice

Draft Forestry Log Haulage - Industry Code of Practice (PDF, 6.3MB)

This code of practice provides detailed practical guidance about how to safely load and secure logs for road transport.


The NHVR is seeking public feedback on the draft Forestry Log Haulage - Industry Code of Practice.

What is it?

The draft Forestry Log Haulage - Industry Code of Practice identifies the risks associated with loading and transporting logs and describes equipment, procedures, training, and other methods to eliminate or minimise those risks. It includes recommendations for the minimum restraint requirements for different types of logs in different loading scenarios. 

The code was developed by the Australian Forest Products Association and the Australian Forest Contractors Association with funding from the Australian Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, which is administered by the NHVR.

Why we’re consulting

Feedback direct from industry ensures that the code of practice is comprehensive, relevant and up to date.


An industry code of practice is one that an industry or industry group develops by consulting with industry members who have the relevant experience and training. It should be practical and applicable and should represent best safety practice. An industry code of practice that is registered by the NHVR is admissible in a court as evidence to determine whether a party has complied with its primary duty.

How is it registered?

The draft Forestry Log Haulage - Industry Code of Practice will be open for consultation for 28 days. Following the consultation period, the NHVR will assemble a panel to consider the feedback and assess the draft code.

The assessment panel includes members with experience in a range of disciplines and includes both NHVR staff and external experts. 

If the panel determines that the code complies with the NHVR’s published guidelines, it may be registered.

Providing feedback 

Submissions closed on Friday 28 May 2021.