HVNL amendments - 6 February 2016

From 6 February 2016, a series of amendments to the HVNL and Regulations took effect. Key changes included:

  • new penalty amounts for some offences, consistent across all HVNL jurisdictions
  • alignment of vehicle standards for new and in-service vehicles
  • formal recognition of electronic work diaries under the Heavy Vehicle National Law, paving the way for their rollout in 2017

Changes relating to electronic work diaries will have no immediate impact. The adoption of electronic work diaries is voluntary and is currently planned for late 2017.

Why are these changes being made?

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator works with the National Transport Commission to periodically review and amend the national law to ensure consistent application across borders and support required operational changes.

Why have some penalty amounts changed?  

The National Transport Commission reviewed and adjusted some HVNL penalty amounts to ensure they were more consistent and comparable across a range of similar offences.

Why have some penalties increased so much?

Penalties for a very small number of HVNL offences have significantly increased, to bring them into line with long-standing penalty amounts for similar offences in the national law.

These offences will NOT apply to the broader heavy vehicle industry. These offences relate to disclosure or misuse of personal or protected information by a very limited group of people with specific regulatory roles under the HVNL.

Intelligent access service providers, auditors and employees of Transport Certification Australia could now face penalties for misusing intelligent access information, similar to the sanctions applied to other officials.

Where can I get more information?

The Heavy Vehicle National Law Amendment Package 4 - Summary Table (PDF, 460KB) summarises the purpose and effect of the amended sections.

Further details can be found in the the Heavy Vehicle National Law Amendment Act 2015 (PDF, 536KB) and the Heavy Vehicle National Law Amendment Bill 2015 - explanatory notes (PDF, 132 KB).