Local Productivity Initiatives (LPIs)

Local productivity initiatives (LPIs) were local regulations, instruments, or operational practices that departed from national laws to allow a more productive, efficient or sustainable means of carrying out the freight task where local conditions enabled this to occur without:

  • compromising local safety or asset protection demands due to the reduced level of risk presented by local conditions
  • impacting on the national achievement of improved safety or regulatory outcomes.

State and territory road and transport authorities issued LPIs through a variety of methods, including regulations, gazette notices, guidelines, or operational policies for blanket exemptions for all heavy vehicles of a certain typ. For oversize or overmass vehicles and combinations carrying large indivisible loads, LPIs were generally provided for under a permit.

NHVR administering LPIs

Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is responsible for issuing all new notices and permits as well as reviewing existing LPIs for possible national applicability. All existing LPIs that were in place before the commencement of the HVNL have been preserved and transitioned to the NHVR or replaced by a national or state HVNL notice. The special conditions or route limitations that applied in each state and territory will continue to apply in the short term, although, where possible, conditions will be harmonised in the future.

Harmonisation is about achieving consistency for industry, promoting productivity and efficiency and protecting road infrastructure, without compromising safety. We will review LPIs annually to achieve harmonisation where possible and this will be done in consultation with state and territory officers, road managers and industry.

Pre-existing permits

If you are the holder of a current permit issued by a state or territory before the HVNL commenced, your permit will be automatically recognised under the HVNL. The permit will continue to be subject to all the same conditions and requirements as if it were issued under the HVNL. If your permit is still current, it will continue to have effect until it expires or until 10 February 2017, whichever occurs first. You will need to apply directly to the NHVR to renew your permit.

More information

See Notices and permit-based schemes for the the current list of productivity initiatives granted through national notices, state HVNL notices, transitional notices and permit-based schemes.

Read the Notices and local productivity initiatives fact sheet (PDF, 1.2MB).