Acronyms used in tables: MDL – Mass, dimension and loading; VS – Vehicle standards.

Title and supporting documents Category Description Carriage required
Guideline for Higher Mass Limits for Vehicles with Road Friendly Suspension in Queensland. Form 10, Version 7, August 2010 (PDF, 66KB) MDL Applies to certain classes of vehicles and combinations at Higher Mass Limits. No
Class Permit No. 082-TH-13 Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (Australia) VS Applies to vehicles specified that have been imported for testing and engineering evaluation purposes by RMMVA. Yes

Guideline for Excess Dimension - vehicles carrying indivisible articles, special purpose vehicles and vehicles that require pilot or escort in Queensland, Form 4, Version 8, February 2013 (PDF, 490KB)

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MDL Applies to certain Class 1 and Class 3 vehicles. No

Class Permit No. 127-TH-12 Controlled Access Buses (Not exceeding 14.5m overall length) (PDF, 540KB)

Approved routes, Schedule A - part 1(PDF, 440KB)

Approved routes, Schedule A - part 2(PDF, 400KB)

Roads not suitable - Schedule B (PDF, 410KB)

MDL and Access Applies to buses with an overall length greater than 12.5m but not greater than 14.5m. Yes
Guideline for livestock loading in Queensland, Form 3, Version 4 (updated August 2009) (PDF, 116 KB) MDL Applies to vehicles transporting livestock exempting vehicles from mass requirements. No

Guideline for excess dimension agricultural vehicles and agricultural combinations, Form 14, Version 4 (updated October 2013) (PDF, 303 KB)

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MDL Dimension exemption for class 1 agricultural vehicles. No
Guideline for transporting cotton modules in Queensland, Form 16, Version 4 (updated March 2012) (PDF, 33 KB) MDL Applies to vehicles transporting cotton modules to a maximum height of 4.6 m. No
Guideline for operation of excess mass special purpose vehicles to 40t and vehicles carrying indivisible item to 59.5t, Form 11, Version 5, September 2011 (PDF, 172 KB) MDL Mass exemption for class 1 OSOM vehicles up to 59.5t and SPV's up to 40t. No

Class Permit No. 147-TH-14 Mass exemption for the transportation of log timber (PDF, 360KB)

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MDL Mass exemption for transportation of log timber. Yes