Victoria transitional notices

Please note: All transitional notices for Victoria expired on 9 February 2019. All notices have been reviewed in consultation with their originating state or territory and consolidated into national or multi-state notices or incorporated into state notices. Links to the new notices are available below.

Old notice New notice Category Updates

Declaration of Class 3 vehicles and mass limit exemptions and route specifications

Mass limit exemptions and route specs for certain class 2 combinations fitted with road friendly suspension

Variation to notices Specifying Routes for B-doubles and Certain Class 2 and 3 Vehicles Fitted with Road Friendly Suspension

Victoria Class 3 Road Friendly Suspension Mass Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1) (PDF, 590KB)

Exempts certain heavy vehicles fitted with certified road friendly suspension from mass requirements set out in the Heavy Vehicle (Mass Dimension and Loading) National Regulation.

Mass, dimension and loading This new notice replaced several former Victorian higher mass limit notices. Since access to HML in Victoria does not require IAP, this notice has been written as a Class 3 mass exemption that simply applies higher mass limits as they apply in Victoria.
Information bulletin – Livestock Transport

Victoria Class 3 Livestock Carrier Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1) (PDF, 708KB)

Provides mass and dimension exemptions that support the Victorian livestock loading scheme.

Please note the following supporting document:

Mass, dimension and loading This Notice provides enforceable provisions for the Victorian Livestock Loading Scheme (LSS). The current LLS will continue under this notice.