Acronyms used in tables: MDL – Mass, dimension and loading; VS – Vehicle standards.

Title and supporting documents Category Description Carriage required

Declaration of Class 3 vehicles and mass limit exemptions and route specifications

Please note the following amendment to this notice:

MDL The purpose of this notice is to declare certain vehicles to be class 3 vehicles and to exempt them from mass limits on conditions, including compliance with higher mass limits, the fitment of road friendly suspension, and route restrictions. No

Exemption in relation to silage trailers - 2010

Please note that this notice has been extended to 31 January 2019 as per the Victoria - Exemption in Relation to Silage Trailers 2010 Amendment Notice 2017 (No. 1) (PDF, 540KB)

MDL The purpose of this notice is to exempt an agricultural trailer that is a silage trailer from the provisions of clauses 39, 43 and 47 of Schedule 7 to the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2009, and to provide a limited exemption from clause 46 of Schedule 7 to those Regulations, all subject to compliance with certain operating conditions and safety standards.  No
Information bulletin - Livestock vehicles - avoid cityLink Tunnels when loaded MDL Livestock trailers that do not have their top deck enclosed should avoid CityLink tunnels when loaded preventing livestock from jumping and exceeding the tunnel height limit of 4.65 metres, and the legal vehicle height.  
Information bulletin - Silage trailers MDL Operating conditions and safety standards that facilitate road travel for those trailers that are not registered but are only used for the transport of loose grass and silage material intended as feed for livestock.  Yes
Information bulletin - 10 tonnes on single axles MDL A mass increase from 9 tonnes to 10 tonnes for a single axle that has four tyres and is fitted with a road friendly suspension (RFS). Eligible vehicles include Rigid trucks, Prime movers and semi-trailers, B-doubles.  
Information bulletin - 22 metre long quad dog for logs MDL The log vehicle consists of a 3 axle truck and a 4 axle dog trailer combination grossing up to 50.0 tonnes and having a length of up to 22.0 metres when laden with logs.  
Information bulletin – Livestock Transport MDL The Victorian Livestock Loading Scheme is a voluntary scheme designed to facilitate the safe and efficient transportation of livestock. The scheme is limited to six axle articulated vehicles and nine axle B-doubles, provided they comply with the dimension limits, axle spacings and other requirements shown in the information bulletin. Scheme vehicles are exempt from complying with vehicle mass limits, but must comply with manufacturer’s ratings. Yes
Information bulletin - Road Graders and Road Grader Combinations MDL This information bulletin sets out the operating conditions and route restrictions for road graders, operating with or without attachments, and road grader combinations, where a grader is used to tow rollers and other vehicles for the purpose of road construction and maintenance. Yes

Mass limit exemptions and route specs for certain class 2 combinations fitted with road friendly suspension

Please note that the operation of this notice has been extended as per the Victoria – Mass limit exemptions and route specifications for certain class 2 combinations fitted with road friendly suspension Amendment Notice 2016 (No. 1) (PDF, 564KB)

MDL The purpose of this notice is to exempt certain class 2 combinations from mass limits on certain conditions, including route restrictions and the requirement to fit road friendly suspension. No
Variation to notices Specifying Routes for B-doubles and Certain Class 2 and 3 Vehicles Fitted with Road Friendly Suspension MDL The purpose of this notice is to vary certain conditions and route specifications for certain class 2 and class 3 vehicles fitted with road friendly suspension. No