Easter travel restrictions 2017

Please be aware that over the Easter holiday period, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia have travel restrictions for agricultural, oversize/overmass and special purpose heavy vehicles.

The information below outlines the most common Easter restrictions, however this list is not exhaustive and we recommend operators check their permits and relevant notices to confirm what restrictions are applicable.

New South Wales

As set out in various Class 1 notices the following restrictions apply for agricultural, load carrying and special purpose vehicles.


For vehicles operating under the Guideline for Excess Dimension - vehicles carrying indivisible articles, special purpose vehicles and vehicles that require pilot or escort in Queensland, Form 4, Version 8, February 2013 (PDF, 490KB) Section 10.5 outlines the following Easter travel restrictions:

10.5 Easter restrictions

10.5.1 No movement throughout Queensland, of an oversize vehicle or combination, from Thursday before Easter to the Tuesday after Easter inclusive.

10.5.2 Despite subsection 10.5.1 a special purpose vehicle up to 3.5m in width is permitted to travel during the Easter restrictions provided travel is not on any highway,motorway, or freeway, and the vehicle is travelling to and from a job site.

Please note there are certain exemptions that apply as per the following two notices:


Public holiday (Good Friday and Easter Monday) travel restrictions apply as per the travel conditions outlined in your Class 1 oversize/overmass permit.

Road or AreaABCD
DayVehicle Dimensions
Not wider than 3.1m or longer than 22.0mNot wider than 3.5m or longer than 26.0mWider than 3.5m or longer than 26.0m
Melbourne & Geelong urban areas, other than a major road Sunday & public holidays 1.00am-sunset
Major Road, other than in a rural area Any day At all times Sunrise to sunset, except for-
a) 4.00pm to sunset on a public holiday; and
b) the day before a holiday period; and
c) the last day of a holiday period

Western Australia

Curfew restrictions for operators of Oversize Restricted Access Vehicles (RAVs) apply during the Easter period. Operators must refer to the permit operating conditions that are relevant to the particular vehicle that they wish to operate for full details on the curfews that apply to them.

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