Christmas/New Years travel restrictions 2020/21


Christmas/New Years travel restrictions

Over the Christmas and New Year period, there are travel restrictions in place for certain Class 1 heavy vehicles as outlined below.

Please note: For vehicles operating under a permit, operators should check the permit's conditions to establish whether Christmas or public holiday travel restrictions are explicitly listed or are referenced in related notices. All heavy vehicles are subject to conditions of access under their relevant notice or permit.

Australian Capital Territory

No specific Christmas restrictions in place.

New South Wales

Details of the travel requirements during the 2020/21 Christmas holiday period can also be found at Transport for NSW State-wide oversize holiday curfews and are outlined in the following fact sheets:


Vehicles covered by the National Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Notice 2020 (No.2) do not have holiday restrictions imposed.

Eligible vehicles operating under the following notices must comply with Christmas and Easter restrictions published in the Queensland Access Conditions Guide.

  • Multi-State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicles Dimension Exemption Notice 2020
  • Queensland Class 3 Heavy Vehicle (Indivisible Item) Dimension Exemption Notice 2019
  • Queensland Class 1 Special Purpose Combination Mass Dimension Exemption Notice 2019
  • Multi-State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicles Mass Exemption Notice 2020.

For agricultural vehicles in Queensland travel conditions and restrictions during holiday periods can be found in the in the National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice Operator’s Guide (PDF, 3.6MB).

Port of Brisbane - OSOM escort exemption

Heavy vehicle movements, under permit, that do not exceed 5.5m in width, 35m length and 6.7m height, will have an exemption from requiring police escorts during the Christmas and New Year period.

All other existing conditions regarding pilots and escorts required for loads up to the proposed dimensions, including widths of 5.5m, apply.

The Lucinda Drive Bridge and Bishop Drive should not to be accessed, unless the origin or destination premises are on Bishop Drive. 

Loads in excess of the proposed dimensions, except height, require a Traffic Guidance Scheme, while mass requirements are the same as those outlined in Port of Brisbane existing OSOM pre-approvals. 

South Australia

As per the South Australia Escorting guidelines for oversize and over mass vehicles (PDF, 799KB),

where an oversize load requires a police escort, travel will not be permitted:

  • on South Australian public holidays
  • during public holiday periods
  • during major events (e.g. Tour Down Under).

A public holiday period means a period of 3 or more consecutive days covering a declared South Australia public holiday and adjacent weekend days (for example Easter and every long weekend); and the period between 23 December and 3 January (inclusive).

Further information can be found in the South Australia Escorting guidelines for oversize and over mass vehicles (PDF, 799KB).


The Department of State Growth’s Transport Safety Inspection Officers will not be providing a service from 24 December 2020 through to 3 January 2020. This will mean that any activities that have a condition of an escort (under permit or notice), will not be able to comply with those conditions and will not be able to operate over this period unless it is in the event of an emergency.


  • Multi-State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicle Dimension Exemption Notice 2020 (No.1)
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