GAV - Level 1 Performance Based Standards Vehicles (PBS)

PBS Level 1 heavy vehicles are GAVs provided the PBS vehicle:

  • has been approved under PBS at Level 1

  • Complies with GML

  • is not longer than 20 metres and is not a bus, B-double or road train.

PBS level 1

Conditions of PBS Level 1 – General Access

The PBS vehicle must comply with all Level 1 conditions of its PBS Vehicle Approval (VA)

If the VA has mass different from those provided under GML, the operator must comply with the lower of the two.

Under GML, a dog or pig trailer's mass must not be greater than its towing vehicle. This towed mass ratio requirement may be exempted by the VA but must be applied when operating as a GAV.

Note: Any PBS Vehicles operating at mass limits above GML, including CML. or HML, is considered a Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) and must comply with the relevant PBS notice or permit conditions.