AccessCONNECT Program

The AccessCONNECT Program is improving the way heavy vehicle permits are lodged, assessed and issued across the country with a new online permit solution and digital innovations.

NHVR established AccessCONNECT in late 2014 to improve the access heavy vehicles have to the transport networks.

The Customer Portal, an online solution for access permits, was rolled out in May 2016 to a small group of early release customers, and opened up to all customers in August 2016.

The AccessCONNECT team is now focused on improving the way Road Managers process consent requests with the development of a new online Road Manager Portal. The team works closely with the heavy vehicle industry, industry associations and with our partners across federal, state and local government agencies and associations.

AccessCONNECT vision

The vision for AccessCONNECT is to implement a national access management business model for industry that delivers national consistency, improved transparency and reduced regulatory burden, while addressing stakeholder’s expectations.

Collaborative partnership approach and solutions by design

Over the last year, the NHVR has hit the road and consulted with a wide range of organisations from small, medium and large operators, local council mayors and road managers, state road authorities, associations and our federal partners in Canberra. We have purposefully spent time with over 200 different groups and more than 1000 stakeholders to improve NHVR’s systems and permit processes.

Pilots and controlled user testing achievements

Our system and permit solutions are designed collaboratively. During the development of the Customer Portal we had excellent input from our small pilot groups, customer feedback sessions and controlled user testing. We made significant progress in the development of a number of prototypes for different components of the new system solution.

Using prototypes, our stakeholders were able to touch and feel products while still in design stage.  We also developed case tracking dashboards for customers, reporting dashboards and case trackers used by the NHVR, jurisdictions and local government.

We’d like to thank industry, Australian, state and local governments who have continued to support us by partnering to help shape the user experience. We will continue to use a pilot and controlled user testing approach for the Road Manager Portal.

Customer Portal

AccessCONNECT has worked with stakeholders and industry to create the Customer Portal, a new way for customers to prepare, lodge and track access permits. The Customer Portal was released in stages from May 2016 followed by full release in August 2016.

Customer Portal early release success

The early releases of the Customer Portal started in May 2016. Over 1,500 applications were lodged in the Customer Portal during this period, accounting for 17% of NHVR access permit applications. NHVR anticipates the number of applications lodged through the Customer Portal to increase with the full release.

May 2016 25 users invited to the early release version of the online portal.
June 2016 250 additional users were added to the Customer Portal allowing customers to make actual applications to be processed by the Access Operations team.
July 2016 More than 1000 users invited to the Customer Portal.
August 2016 Customer Portal released to all access permit customers.

Road manager consent request - process not changing

The way road managers receive access requests from the NHVR is not changing with the rollout of the Customer Portal. 

If a customer has applied for a permit using the new online permit system, their application will be attached to the road manager consent request email along with existing documentation they already receive.

Register for the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is the new way to prepare, lodge and track your access permit applications. It is easy for users and businesses to register for the Customer Portal, using a simple sign up process and just a few easy steps to lodge your permit application.

Register for the customer portal at

For more information or help in registering, visit the Customer Portal support page or call 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487).

The next stage - Road Manager Portal

The Road Manager Portal is intended to provide an online system for efficiently processing heavy vehicle access consent requests. As part of this process, we will be ensuring that key stakeholders and Road Managers have input into the design, testing and trialling activities over the coming months.

The Road Manager Portal is expected to begin early system pilots in late 2016.

If you would like to chat about the release of the Customer Portal or be involved in the consultation on the Road Manager Portal, please contact the AccessCONNECT team.

Contact the AccessCONNECT team

To nominate to be involved in an upcoming AccessCONNECT pilot or to find out more information about AccessCONNECT, please contact us on 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487) or email