Special Purpose Vehicle network development

National SPV notice

The National Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Notice 2021 (No.1) (National SPV Notice) authorises the use of Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicles up to 40 tonnes on gazetted networks in participating jurisdictions. It provides exemptions from certain requirements of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and Heavy Vehicle (Mass Dimension & Loading) National Regulation to certain types of Special Purpose Vehicles. These exemptions only apply if a vehicle meets the conditions set out in the notice and only apply on the routes specified in each of the state and territory schedules.

SPV network development

The NHVR recognises that access to local council roads is often a prerequisite for access to state controlled networks. As operators are best placed to know which local roads are key to the running of their business operations, we encourage you to engage with your industry associations to identify current access challenges. The NHVR, local government associations and industry can then work closely together to expand SPV access.

The SPV Network Development Map shows the state of the current road manager consultation being undertaken by the NHVR.

Which vehicles can operate under the National SPV Notice

The National SPV Notice applies to heavy motor vehicles which are Class 1 SPVs and which meet the conditions and requirements set out in the notice and relevant state and territory schedules. Examples include 2-axle pick and carry cranes, 2-axle all terrain mobile cranes, 3-axle truck cranes or 4-axle mobile concrete pumps.

2-axle pick and carry crane

2-axle all terrain mobile crane

3-axle truck crane

4-axle mobile concrete pump


Please note: The National SPV Notice DOES NOT apply to special purpose combinations or trailers. Further details on which vehicles can operate in which state can be found in the National SPV Notice.

Where can a Special Purpose Vehicle operate under the National SPV Notice

National Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Notice 2021 (No.1)PDF, 1.5MB

Please note the following supporting documents for this notice:

A permit is not required for a vehicle travelling on an approved route under the National SPV Notice complying with the conditions set out in the notice, including conditions outlined in each state and territory schedule. Some vehicle and route conditions are specific to each state and these conditions are set out in state schedules which are part of the National SPV notice.

An SPV that does not fall under the National SPV Notice or other relevant notice and otherwise does not comply with the mass or dimension requirements of the HVNL will require authorisation by permit in order to gain access to the road network.

State controlled SPV networks

Links to each state controlled SPV network and/or list of approved SPV roads under the National SPV Notice: