Journey Planner

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The NHVR Journey Planner is an interactive online mapping service. It maps and displays approved routes for use by heavy vehicles.

Approved routes displayed in the Journey Planner

  • B-double
  • B-triple
  • Higher Mass Limits (HML)
  • Performance-Based Standards (PBS)
  • road trains
  • some commodity routes.

The Journey Planner will be refined and expanded over time based on new or additional information. It therefore represents the best information available at a certain point in time. We will add other networks as the Journey Planner is further developed, following consultation with industry and road managers.

You can use the Journey Planner to help plan a heavy vehicle journey and identify where an access permit application may need to be made. Journeys can be saved or printed out and attached to applications for an access permit. Using the Journey Planner and lodging the journey as part of an access application can help us to more rapidly assess the application.

See the Journey Planner user guide (PDF, 2.2MB) for more information.

Notices and permit-based schemes

Users need to ensure they consult the relevant national and state HVNL and transitional notices to identify all conditional and route requirements.

State road transport authority mapping sites

To assist you further with planning your journey, the following state road transport authority mapping sites display authorised heavy vehicle routes within each state, and in some cases, allow you to view additional route information.

Key freight route maps

The key freight route maps represent the key road and rail routes that connect the nationally significant places for freight in Australia. The maps are intended to inform decisions by governments and industry on commercial, regulatory and policy initiatives. It is envisaged that the maps will evolve over time in response to changes in actual freight movements and the factors that affect those movements.

User guides and learning materials

We have also created range of e-learning and scenario videos to help you use the Journey Planner.


See Journey Planner FAQs for more information.

Launch the NHVR Journey Planner