National Class 2 B-double Notice

National Class 2 B-double Authorisation Notice 2019 (No.1) (PDF, 769KB)

Please note the following supporting documents for this notice:

This national notice delivers a streamlined version of previous notices and reduces and harmonises the number of conditions with which operators need to comply.

See the B-double permit page for a full list of notices that apply to B-double vehicles.

Notice development

Issues paper

The NHVR conducted an analysis and comparison of the existing national and transitional notices to produce a project scope statement and a comparative analysis. These documents provided the basis for identifying key issues to be addressed in developing a nationally harmonised B-double notice. The following paper addressed these key issues by proposing solutions to eliminate access inconsistencies experienced by operators.

Issues Paper - 2017 Drafting of the National B-double Notice (PDF, 1.2MB)

Draft key positions

Clearly defined positions were developed for all key issues underlying the development of the issues paper, including:

  1. ACT to allow 19 metre long B-doubles general access to align with general access requirements applied in Vic, Qld and NSW.
  2. 50 tonne mass limit for general access B-doubles.
  3. General access bridge formulae to be applied nationally to all general access B-double operations up to a total combination mass of 50 tonnes.
  4. Jurisdictions to enforce the XY rule (balanced clear space rule) only on tri-tri B-doubles with a total gross combination mass exceeding 52.5 tonnes.
  5. Qld, NSW and SA to reassess their existing 23 metre B-double network to be consolidated into their 25/26 metre B-double network.
  6. SA to consider incorporating their nine commodity routes into a single 25/26 metre B-double network.
  7. Jurisdictions to adopt and align their 25/26 metre B-double network with their PBS Level 2A network.
  8. Removal of SA state specific inspection and label requirements.
  9. Use of flexible warning signs subject to certain conditions.