National Class 2 Road Train Notice

National Class 2 Road Train Authorisation Notice 2020 (No.2) | PDF, 635KB

This notice is the major authorising instrument for road train access in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. It works in conjunction with the National Class 2 Road Train Operator’s Guide (PDF, 1.2MB).

The NHVR worked closely with state and local government road managers to improve road train access by expanding access to include:

  • a new Victorian road network for 36.5m A-doubles
  • access for the first time (under notice) in South Australia for 30m A-doubles, 36.5m B-triples and AB-triples, and rigid trucks towing two dog trailers
  • consolidated access to a number of Type 2 road trains on a single Type 2 road train network.

The new national notice also introduces simplified and more nationally consistent conditions for road trains, supporting more seamless cross-border access.

For vehicles or routes not covered by the notice, additional means of access include: