Changes to heavy vehicle registration

Changes to heavy vehicle registration in 2018 benefited industry by introducing common practices, processes and fees, making it easier and cheaper to operate by reducing cross-border red tape and fleet-management administrative costs.

These changes were rolled out from 1 July 2018 and included the following initiatives:

Common registration expiry dates

Common expiry dates can be applied for two or more heavy vehicle registrations in all jurisdictions. You must contact your state or territory transport authority to set common expiry dates for your fleet.

Federal Interstate Registration Scheme (FIRS) closure

FIRS is now closed to new entrants and renewals.

Up to 30 June 2019 inclusive, heavy vehicles registered under FIRS will be required to move to an alternative registration scheme upon expiry of FIRS registration. Your local road agency will send out a notification about what to do before your FIRS registration expires. From 1 July 2019, FIRS will be closed to all operators and no FIRS registrations will be valid.

The Federal Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities has more information about the closure of the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme.

State/territory transport authority contact details

Jurisdiction Phone Registration web address
ACT 13 22 81
NT 1300 654 628
NSW 13 22 13
QLD 13 23 80
SA 13 10 84
TAS 1300 135 513
VIC 13 11 71
WA 13 11 56