Registration details on NHVR Portal

From 1 October 2018, heavy vehicle operators will be able to access details of their registered assets free of charge in a new Registration Services section of the NHVR Portal. Participating jurisdictions will provide this read-only information—including the status, expiry date and jurisdiction of each registration—to the NHVR.

Operators will be able to:

  • confirm that details recorded by jurisdictions align with their own records
  • check registration changes and transfers have been processed correctly
  • forecast registration renewals and costs
  • download or print vehicle records to provide to other parties in the supply chain.

Please note: Northern Territory vehicle details will not be available through the NHVR Portal for the time being.

Operators will not be able to make changes to registration information through the Portal and should continue to direct any queries about or corrections to registration information to their state or territory transport authority.

In the lead-up to the launch of the free Registration Services section of the NHVR Portal on 1 October 2018, the NHVR will run a restricted release (beta test) with some future users to fine-tune it. Operators wishing to nominate as beta testers should contact the NHVR’s Registration Business Manager, Tammy Wigg at

The option will exist for operators who are not participating in the beta testing to request a paper-based certificate of their registration holdings but a fee of $48 will apply. Applications for a paper-based can be made by lodging a Registration Data Holding Certificate Request Form (PDF, 97KB).