Removal of registration labels

Registration labels for heavy vehicles are no longer issued by any state or territory.

How will I know when my heavy vehicle registration is due to expire?

Your jurisdiction will continue to send renewal notices before your registration expires.

You can also use the NHVR’s Registration Checker app or Registration Services module on the NHVR Portal to access details of all the vehicles in your registered fleet (except those registered in the Northern Territory without a national heavy vehicle number plate).

Most jurisdictions also provide online tools for you to check the registration status of your vehicle.

How can the police and other enforcement agencies tell whether my vehicle is currently registered if I don’t have a label?

They can use wireless equipment to do roadside checks using your number plate details. We recommend that you keep your registration certificate in your vehicle as a safeguard in case online services are not available.

Your registration status can also be detected by speed cameras, red light cameras and other fixed cameras.

What happens when selling or buying a heavy vehicle?

It’s the responsibility of the buyer to check the registration expiry date of a second-hand vehicle before they buy it. They should ask to see the registration certificate, which the seller is required to provide.