Removal of registration labels

From 1 July 2018, registration labels for heavy vehicles will no longer be required in most states and territories. South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia already no longer issue labels. Although Victoria will not physically be removing labels until 1 October 2018, it is seeking to amend its regulations to not require their display from 1 July.

This change is expected to bring benefits to industry through costs and productivity savings, in particular for larger fleet operators who currently have to manage logistical issues associated with regularly replacing registration labels.

The table below shows the status of label removal in each state and territory.

State or territory Registration label removal date
Australian Capital Territory 1 July 2018
New South Wales 1 July 2018
Northern Territory Label still required. Must be displayed on the vehicle regardless of which jurisdiction it is in.
Queensland 1 July 2018
South Australia Completed 1 November 2017
Tasmania Completed 1 September 2017
Victoria 1 October 2018
Western Australia Completed 1 July 2016

Do the changes apply to heavy special purpose vehicles as well?

Yes they do. Heavy special purpose vehicles will no longer need to display a registration label after the relevant jurisdiction has stopped issuing registration labels.

How will I know when my heavy vehicle registration is due to expire?

Your jurisdiction will continue to send renewal notices before your registration expires. Most jurisdictions also provide online tools for you to check the registration status of your vehicle.

If your vehicle is registered in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia or the ACT, you’ll also be able to check this on the online NHVR Portal from 1 July 2018. If it’s registered in Victoria, your details will be on the Portal from 1 October 2018.

I renewed my heavy vehicle registration just before my jurisdiction stopped issuing registration labels. Will I still get a label?

You’ll only get a label if the registration period of your vehicle starts before the date when your jurisdiction stops issuing labels. You should affix the label to your vehicle in accordance with current requirements.

Do I have to remove the registration label from my vehicle as soon as my jurisdiction has stopped issuing registration labels?

No you don’t. You can remove it any time after your jurisdiction has stopped issuing registration labels. There’s no requirement to remove it straightaway.

My registration label has come off. Do I need to stick it back on?

If your jurisdiction is still issuing labels, you’ll need to reaffix it and display it until the date your jurisdiction stops issuing labels. If your jurisdiction is no longer issuing labels, then no you won’t.

I’ve lost my label. Do I need to get a new one?

If your jurisdiction is still issuing labels, you’ll need to get a replacement. Please contact a transport authority customer service centre in your jurisdiction to find out how—and how quickly—you’ll need to do this.

Will I be required to display a registration label when travelling interstate?

If your vehicle is registered in a jurisdiction that no longer issues registration labels, you won’t need to have a label when travelling interstate.

If your vehicle is registered in a jurisdiction that still issues registration labels, you will need to display a label.

How will the police and other enforcement agencies know if my vehicle is currently registered?

They can use wireless equipment to do roadside checks using your number plate details. We recommend that you keep your registration certificate in your vehicle as a safeguard in case online services are not available.

Your registration status can also be detected by speed cameras, red light cameras and other fixed cameras.

What happens when selling or buying a heavy vehicle?

It’s the responsibility of the buyer to check the registration expiry date of a second-hand vehicle before they buy it. They should ask to see the registration certificate, which the seller is required to provide.