Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs)

The public consultation period on the draft EWD Policy Framework and Standards has closed. We are currently assessing all submissions and will be releasing more details in the coming weeks.

An Electronic Work Diary (EWD) is an electronic device or system approved by the NHVR, to monitor and record the work and rest times of a driver and will be a voluntary alternative to the written work diary.

At this time no EWDs have been approved by the NHVR for use, however the NHVR expects to commence assessment and approvals of EWDs in early 2018. If you currently have an electronic recording system or are looking to purchase one in the near future, make sure you talk to the technology provider about their plans to have that system upgraded to meet the EWD standards.

Project timeframe

  • Dec 2017 - Feb 2018: Draft EWD Policy Framework and Standards were released for public consultation
  • Feb 2018 - Mar 2018: NHVR consideration of submissions into EWD Policy Framework and EWD Standards

EWD Compliance Policy

The NHVR has released the draft Electronic Work Diary (EWD) Compliance Policy (PDF, 654KB) outlining how heavy vehicle drivers using either electronic or written work diaries will be treated the same. The policy outlines the NHVR’s requirements for meeting record keeping laws whether you utilise the technology or use traditional Written Work Diaries. Please note: This is a draft document and may be changed based on feedback on the EWD Policy Framework and EWD Standards.

EWD Policy Framework and Standards

Notice of Proposed Rule Making - Electronic Work Diary (EWD) Policy Framework and Standards (PDF, 214KB) - The proposed EWD Policy Framework and Standards establish the coregulatory framework for administering the EWD provisions in the Heavy Vehicle National Law. The NHVR consulted extensively with government, police, and industry representatives in the development of the policy framework and standards and the publication of this notice of proposed rule making was to allow stakeholders to provide formal feedback.

Developing an EWD for approval

Register your intent to develop an EWD for approval (DOCX, 125KB) - The NHVR is inviting technology providers and transport operators interested in developing an EWD system to register their proposal and intention to apply for approval. Please note: Registering your intent is not an application and after registering you are under no obligation to apply for approval.

EWD fast facts

  • Only the NHVR can approve current systems that meet or are upgraded to meet the EWD standards.
  • EWD information is collected by the technology provider you choose, and sent to your nominated record keeper.
  • Authorised officers will have the same access to EWD information as they have to written work diary entries, and there will be a standard compliance view everyone can see.
  • EWDs will be simpler for drivers to use, take less time to complete, can be checked more quickly and make record keeping easier.

Further information