Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs)

An Electronic Work Diary (EWD) is an electronic device or system approved by the NHVR, to monitor and record the work and rest times of a driver and is a voluntary alternative to the written work diary.

The public consultation period on the draft EWD Policy Framework and Standardshas closed. The NHVR received majority support for commencing EWD services and has released a Notice of Final Rule Making (NFRM1702) to advise the outcome of all feedback received.

EWD Policy Framework and Standards

Notice of Final Rule Making 1702 - EWD Policy Framework and Standards (PDF, 269KB) - Sets out the NHVR’s disposition to public comments received on the Notice of Proposed Rule Making - Electronic Work Diary (EWD) Policy Framework and Standards (PDF, 214KB) following publication of the proposed draft EWD Policy Framework (PDF, 976KB) and draft EWD Standards (PDF, 556KB) which:

  1. set the system requirements for systems to be approved
  2. provide rules for the use of EWDs as a voluntary alternative to the National Driver Work Diary.

Based on feedback received the NHVR proposes revising the EWD Policy Framework and Standards.

Register your intent

The NHVR invites technology providers and transport operators interested in developing an EWD to register their proposal and intention to apply for approval. Please note: Registering your intent is not an application and after registering you are under no obligation to apply for approval.

Register your intent to develop an EWD for approval (DOCX, 125KB)

Further information