EWDs will improve safety and significantly reduce the administrative burden for the Heavy Vehicle industry through:

  • improved data accuracy and transparency to drivers, transport operators and authorised officers
  • provision of real time data which enables transport operators to respond immediately to actual breaches and monitor performance over time
  • in-vehicle driver information which enables drivers to plan their work and rest and take action when alerted to an imminent or actual breach.

EWDs will also:

  • allow a simpler way for the driver of a fatigue regulated vehicle to record their work and rest times
  • allow the driver, transport operators and authorised officers to more easily review past work and rest records to ensure compliance with fatigue laws
  • automatically pre-populate some records to reduce the amount of time it takes for drivers to manually record work and rest information
  • reduce will the administrative burden for operators and drivers
  • assist transport operators to monitor their business and improve their fatigue risk management.