Frequently asked questions about Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs).

Can I use an EWD now if I have a device installed in my vehicle?

Only EWDs that have been approved by the NHVR can be used for regulatory purposes. To be approved, an EWD is required to meet the standards set by the NHVR.

Do I have to replace my current electronic recording system?

Transport operators should talk to their current technology provider to find out if they intend to apply for approval of an EWD system.

Approvals are published on the NHVR website at www.nhvr.gov.au/ewd

How do I get my system approved?

Technology providers and transport operators who wish to develop an EWD system for approval must apply to the NHVR and have their product assessed against the EWD Standards.

Information on the approval process can be found at www.nhvr.gov.au/ewd

What additional features in EWDs are permitted?

The EWD Standards set minimum performance requirements for an electronic recording system to be approved for use as an EWD.

EWDs may provide extra commercial features as long as they don't interfere with the regulatory functions of the EWD.

What is the cost of implementing an EWD?

The cost is driven by the commercial environment including a number of factors such as:

  • level of services that are requested by the transport operator
  • associated training
  • number of units required.

Can driver’s using an EWD have a split rest break under BFM?

Yes, split rest under BFM applies in the same way it would with a written work diary.

A split rest is where a driver takes 6 continuous hours at one time and 2 continuous hours another time in a 24-hour period, rather than the required 7 continuous hours of rest.

Split rests are not encouraged because they can impact on the quality of a driver’s sleep. However, the HVNL does provide a defence if you take a split rest under BFM. The defence only applies if you had at least the required 7 continuous hours of rest in the previous 24-hour period and you did not schedule the split rest.

As a split rest break is a defence and not an option that can be scheduled to, so EWDs will display this as a breach. It is up to the driver to prove they meet the requirements of the split rest break defence.