Work diaries and record keeping

National Driver Work Diary - A work diary is evidence that a driver’s work and rest hours are compliant with the law and that their fatigue is being managed.

Locations to purchase a work diary - The National Driver Work Diary is on sale for $25 at many locations throughout Australia.

Record keeping requirements - Record keepers for drivers of fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles have very specific obligations under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). These obligations are designed to ensure that driver’s activities are able to be monitored to assist drivers in the execution of their obligations to manage driver fatigue and help parties in the chain of responsibility (e.g. schedulers) to meet their requirements.

Counting time - Work time and rest time must be counted in a certain way. Understanding the rules for counting time will help drivers manage work and rest times and assist other responsible parties in the supply chain comply with their duties to manage work and rest time and prevent driver fatigue.