NHVAS fees

The fees are contained in Schedule 1 of the Heavy Vehicle (General) National Regulation (PDF, 390KB).

When lodging an NHVAS application, payments can be made online or via mail with cheque (cheques should be made payable to ‘National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’) or credit card.  For all applications lodged online, a reference case number is automatically issued for the application. This makes it easier for any enquiries regarding the application.

NHVAS fees schedule

Note: Trailers cannot be nominated for mass management accreditation.
Establish, maintain or add accreditation module/s Accreditation fee
Mass $84.00
Maintenance $84.00
Basic Fatigue (BFM) $84.00
Advanced Fatigue (AFM) $127.00
Establish, maintain or add multiple accreditation modules Accreditation fee
Note: $ value for calculation of multiple modules.
Mass + Maintenance $168.00
Mass or Maintenance + Basic Fatigue (BFM) $168.00
Mass or Maintenance + Advanced Fatigue (AFM) $211.00
Mass + Maintenance + Basic Fatigue (BFM) $252.00
Mass + Maintenance + Advanced Fatigue (AFM) $295.00
Vehicles to be nominated or remain in accreditation module/s Vehicle fee
Mass Management $27.00 per vehicle
Maintenance Management $27.00 per vehicle
Mass + Maintenance Management $54.00 per vehicle

Fuel Tax Rebate

Operators of vehicles with a GVM greater 4.5 tonnes, and older than 20 years that wish to claim the fuel credit need to comply with the Australian Tax Office criteria.