Review of NHVAS

The NHVR is undertaking consultation on proposed changes to the NHVAS Business Rules and Standards. A draft of the new Business Rules and Standards as well as supporting documents, feedback form and information sessions can be found at

1 March 2015

The NHVR undertook a review of the NHVAS as part of the National Heavy Vehicle Roadworthiness Program, a joint initiative with the National Transport Commission (NTC).

As a result, the auditing provisions of the NHVAS Business Rules and Standards (PDF, 350KB) was changed on 1 March 2015. The changes standardised the way audits are conducted, strengthened the quality of audits, ensured more effective safety requirements for heavy vehicles and enhanced the standing of auditors. Auditing is a key way to ensure operators comply with the management of their maintenance systems to ensure their heavy vehicles comply with the law.

The changes affect the way in which NHVAS auditors are recognised and audits are conducted. 

  • Those who wish to become an auditor need to seek registration with the NHVR.
  • To become registered, auditors need to meet a number of criteria in addition to being certified as a lead auditor.
  • Provisions aimed at reducing the potential for conflicts of interest were added. For example, if an operator’s choice of auditor appears to be inappropriate, the NHVR may stipulate a list of alternative auditors the operator must choose from.

For more information read the NHVAS Auditor Registration Information sheet (PDF, 224KB)