Reviews and appeals

Internal NHVR review

In certain circumstances, you can ask the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to review a decision it has made, including if the NHVR decides to:

  • not grant a vehicle standards exemption (permit)
  • grant a vehicle standards exemption (permit) for a period less than the period (of not more than 3 years) sought by the applicant
  • impose on a vehicle standards exemption (permit) a condition not sought by the applicant
  • not make a decision sought in an application for amendment or cancellation of a vehicle standards exemption (permit)
  • amend or cancel a vehicle standards exemption (permit)
  • immediately suspend a vehicle standards exemption (permit)
  • not give a replacement permit for a vehicle standards exemption (permit).

You must apply for an internal review:

  • in writing stating the grounds on which you want the decision reviewed
  • within 28 days of being notified about the decision, or
  • within 28 days after receiving a statement of reasons, if an information notice had not been provided and a statement of reasons has been requested.

Once the review decision has been made, we will provide you with a notice outlining the decision and any appeal rights.

See our Contact us page for contact details to apply in writing.


You can appeal to the relevant appeal body in your jurisdiction (for example, the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal) regarding a review decision of the NHVR. You can do so up to 28 days after:

  • the NHVR has given them a review notice, or
  • the end of the internal review period, if the internal reviewer does not make a review decision within the period.

This period can be extended by the relevant appeal body but the review notice decision remains in effect until the appeal has been heard or the appeal body places a stay on the NHVR decision.