Two consecutive audit rule

When an auditor has carried out two consecutive audits of a module on an operator, a different auditor must conduct the next audit of that module.

Audits will be counted according to the modules audited. The maximum number of consecutive audits of the same module is 2. Entry and initial (6 month) compliance audits are included when counting audits.

Audit count for alignment of module expiry dates will be considered on a case by case basis.

Example of multiple module audits by a single auditor

Types of audit

1 Jan 2015: Mass & Maintenance Entry Audit = 1 audit for Mass & Maintenance
1 May 2015: BFM entry audit = 1 BFM audit
1 July 2015: Mass & Maintenance 6 months compliance audit = 1 audit for Mass & Maintenance

Audit count as of July 2015:

  • 2 consecutive audits for Mass & Maintenance (Max count reached) – next audit for these modules must be conducted by a different auditor.
  • 1 audit for BFM – next audit for this module can be done by the same auditor.

Further information in relation to auditing can be found in the NHVAS Business Rules and Standards and Audit Framework.