PBS Assessors and Certifiers

PBS Assessors and Certifiers are individuals appointed by the NHVR to carry out certain roles in the PBS vehicle approval process.

PBS Application Processing Update - Monday 4 October 2021

In the 14 days to Sunday 3 October 2021, 110 VA applications were received and the team processed 109 VAs over the same period. The application queue was 41 cases at close of business on Sunday 3 October 2021. 

The NHVR VA turnaround performance over the last two weeks was an average of five business days overall and 11 days average turnaround for applications requiring information requests. Over the last two weeks 20% of all processed cases required information requests.

PBS approvals to September 2021


PBS Certifiers

PBS Certifiers are responsible for a crucial step in the PBS approval process, inspecting vehicles to confirm the built vehicle meets the design requirements specified in the Design Approval issued by the NHVR.