Access permit applications

Permit applications processing

The NHVR is currently processing a large number of permit applications. We have additional staff work through the backlog with customers. Please monitor the NHVR Portal for the progress of your application.

Permits issued by the NHVR

Refer to the table below to determine whether you apply to the NHVR for the permit you need or whether you should apply to a state road transport authority. Responsibility for issuing the permit depends on the heavy vehicle class and the jurisdiction in which you are travelling.

  Class 1 permit
Special Purpose Vehicle,
Oversize Overmass
Class 2 permit
Road Train,
Performance-Based Standards,
Controlled Access Bus
Class 3 permit
Tow truck,
Commodity Scheme permits (MIMS & MEMS),
Mining Trailers
Higher Mass Limits (HML) permit
Journeys across borders
The NHVR will process all applications if your journey is across borders.
Journeys within Qld
If the permit you require is not issued by the NHVR, apply through Transport and Main Roads
Journeys within NSW
#For Class 1 permits in NSW, you can apply through Roads and Maritime Services and individual councils or you can apply through the NHVR.
Journeys within Vic
Journeys within SA
Journeys within ACT
Journeys within Tas

Please note: The NHVR is currently undertaking a Delegations project that will transition all access permit delegations and application processing back to us by the end of 2019.

Permit application costs

Application fees are outlined in the NHVR fee schedule

Please note: The fee payable is an application fee due at the time of lodgement of your application. The application fee can be paid online via debit card or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). If applying by post or fax the application fee can be paid via credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) or cheque.

As the fee is in relation to the application, the fee may be retained by the NHVR even if the application is ultimately deemed ineligible for a permit. A permit cannot be issued without full payment of the required fees.

Useful documents

Apply for a permit

Before applying, the following links may assist you to plan your journey and identify any specific requirements

  • Top 5 tips for operators to reduce application processing times - The following tips are five key things you can to do to facilitate a fast turnaround when you submit an access permit application.
  • NHVR Route Planner – The NHVR Route Planner is an interactive, online mapping tool available to plan and save routes for heavy vehicle travel across Australia. It can assist you in finding approved routes for heavy vehicles on a particular road network and highlights where you may be required to submit an access application.
  • State road transport authority mapping sites – These sites can assist you further with planning your journey. They display authorised heavy vehicle routes within each state, and in some cases, allow you to view additional route information.
  • Notices and permit-based schemes – Due to limitations in web-based mapping services, users need to ensure they consult the relevant gazette notices to identify all conditional and route requirements.