NHVR compliance and enforcement team

The NHVR’s dedicated compliance and enforcement team works with industry and supports police agencies and on-road enforcement officers. The team:

  • works with industry and agencies to provide advice relating to the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and on-road compliance enforcement activities
  • shares information relating to the ongoing development of consistent compliance and enforcement processes
  • engages in on-going consultation with industry.

To achieve improvements in heavy vehicle safety, productivity, and consistency, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) seeks to develop:

  • additional strategies to assist in monitoring and reporting of compliance and enforcement actions and outcomes
  • robust compliance standards and enforcement strategies in consultation with road transport authorities and police agencies
  • processes to identify non-compliant heavy vehicle operators – this includes consulting with jurisdictions and coordinating appropriate enforcement strategies to deter, detect and remedy non-compliance and improper practices by businesses and/or individuals who have the potential to cause serious detriment to road safety and infrastructure
  • a higher level of public awareness and confidence by promoting and achieving sustained compliance with the HVNL.

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Please note: Complaints relating to police action on the roadside should be submitted to the relevant jurisdictional authority (see Roadside policing contacts for more information).