Statement of business ethics

The NHVR is committed to a high standard of corporate governance and business practices. To achieve this, the NHVR will be transparent and maintain integrity in our dealings with suppliers, commercial partners and those who provide any goods and services.

This statement sets out the expected standards for doing business with the NHVR. It provides guidance to our commercial partners and suppliers on the ethical standards we uphold, and the conduct and standards we expect from anyone who we do business with.

The NHVR’s values

The NHVR’s primary role in the Australian community is to ensure a safe, productive and efficient heavy vehicle industry. That is a position of trust and responsibility.

The NHVR Values are published on our website. They reflect and support the culture and vision of the NHVR staff in serving the public interest. They also significantly inform the ethical principles that guide the NHVR, including in our dealings with business partners.

Guiding ethical principles between the NHVR and commercial partners

The NHVR adheres to the following principles in our dealings with our commercial partners. Similarly, we expect our commercial partners to adopt and adhere to these ethical principles in all dealings with us.

Respect for persons

We don’t indulge in patronage or favouritism.

We engage with all persons fairly and equitably and in a timely manner.

Integrity and impartiality

We comply with all legal requirements.

We strive for best practice in all things, with actions and decisions based on objective criteria.

We will not disclose personal or confidential information contrary to law or improperly.

We will not abuse power or resources available to us, we will avoid conflicts of interest and duties, and we will not engage in conduct that may undermine public confidence in us.

We will report reasonable suspicions of fraud or corrupt conduct to law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies.

Accountability, transparency, and fairness

We operate in an open and honest manner.

We are committed to exercising diligent care and attention.

We seek to continuously improve performance.

Economy and efficiency

We use, manage, and maintain our resources effectively, efficiently, and economically.

What you can expect from us

Seeking value for money

Value for money takes into account quality, timeliness, suitability, reliability, service and lifecycle costs.

Value for money does not always mean selecting the lowest price. The NHVR will balance all relevant factors when selecting suppliers.

Engagement with NHVR staff

Our employees are bound by our Code of Conduct. It sets out the standards of conduct expected of our people and governs our behaviour, decisions and actions.

The five principles of our code are:

  1. we demonstrate a high standard of workplace behaviour and personal conduct
  2. we are committed to the highest ethical standards and act with honesty, integrity, partiality and transparency
  3. we work together as a team, efficiently and effectively and in the best interests of the NHVR
  4. we comply with laws, the enterprise agreements, employment contracts and our policies and procedures
  5. we respect privacy, protect confidentiality and do not misuse information.

In dealing with our commercial parties, we require our staff to:

  • comply with our policies and procedures
  • show fairness in their treatment of individuals and organisations that supply us with goods and services and avoid situations where private interests conflict with their duty to the NHVR
  • deal honestly with suppliers
  • encourage fair and open competition
  • seek value for money
  • be accountable and respond to reasonable requests in a timely manner
  • pay accounts on time
  • aim to minimise costs to suppliers from participating in the procurement process.

Procurement activities

The NHVR will conduct procurement activities ethically, honestly and transparently and in compliance with legislation, NHVR policies and procedures.

This covers our tendering, contracting and purchasing activities and reflects our commitment to maintaining high standards of ethical conduct.

What we expect from you

We expect that our business partners will:

  • act openly, fairly, honestly, impartially, lawfully, and in the public interest in all dealings with the NHVR
  • disclose (on an ongoing basis) and eliminate (or reduce as far as reasonably practicable and acceptable to us) conflicts of interest and duties
  • reasonably work with us in the public interest, including for the management, use, and maintenance of NHVR resources
  • always provide timely, accurate and reliable information to us
  • not disclosure personal or confidential information (unless required by law or with our consent) and will securely store and manage such information
  • provide accurate fee estimates and quotes as requested, within a timely manner
  • provide goods and services as agreed, to a high standard
  • render invoices on time, being for amounts as agreed and that represent a fair market rate/price.

Practical guidance

Communication between parties

To avoid misunderstandings and to minimise the risk of a perceived inappropriate influence, we commit to and expect communication to be clear, direct and accountable. For all communications involving a business related decision, written correspondence (letter or email) is preferred. Telephone communications should be followed up with written confirmation of any decision or commitments.

You are not permitted to discuss the NHVR’s business or information publicly without prior approval.


The NHVR expects its commercial partners to take all reasonable steps to protect confidential information, unless required to disclose by law.

In business relationships with the NHVR, parties will respect each other’s intellectual property rights and will formally negotiate access, licence or use of intellectual property.

Gifts and benefits

NHVR employees can accept gifts and benefits only in a limited number of circumstances.

Token gifts and benefits, or gifts of hospitality where the hospitality is incidental to an official business-related function, generally fit within this category.

The NHVR meets all business travel and accommodation costs for NHVR staff. Any variation to this must first be agreed with the NHVR and approved by a senior NHVR manager, not the individual employee affected.

You must never offer inducements or incentives to NHVR staff.

You must immediately report to us any instance in which our employees seek or induct a gift or benefit from you.


All employees, contractors or persons, regardless of their employment status, performing services for and on behalf of the NHVR are required to comply with this Statement of Business Ethics.

Further information

Questions about this statement

For additional information about this Statement of Business Ethics or the NHVR’s procurement process, please contact:

Manager – Procurement and Property