Class 3 (miscellaneous) permit

Do I need a Class 3 (Miscellaneous) permit?

You can apply for a Class 3 (Miscellaneous) permit if your heavy vehicle does not comply with mass, dimension or operating requirements set out in a gazette notice. A class 3 permit may also be required if your heavy vehicle is operating under a jurisdictional permit-based scheme. Your application will be assessed against the relevant vehicle standards and safety.

The NHVR processes ALL Class 3 (Miscellaneous) permit applications for travel within and between the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria through the NHVR Portal.

For travel within the Northern Territory and Western Australia you need to apply directly to the relevant state or territory road transport authority.

Removal of registration number from Class 3 livestock mass exemption permits

The NHVR has developed a policy to remove the requirement of recording the registration number from Class 3 livestock mass exemption permits. The NHVR requests no enforcement action is taken with regards to the registration number not being recorded on a Class 3 livestock mass exemption permit when the driver of a livestock heavy vehicle presents the Class 3 permit.

From 1 December 2020 Authorised Officers are to disregard the requirement for a Class 3 livestock mass exemption permit to have the registration number of the heavy vehicle recorded on the permit. This arrangement applies to Class 2 heavy vehicles operating under a Class 3 livestock mass exemption permit.


Online application

NHVR Portal

Post or fax application

Please note: If you apply through post or fax, all correspondence relating to that application will be done through the same channel.

Note: Please right-click on a form and save it to your computer, rather than opening it up directly in your web browser. The form can then be opened locally and saved.