PBS Assessors

PBS Assessors play a vital role in the design of PBS vehicles. They are experienced professional engineers with detailed knowledge and understanding of the PBS Scheme, relevant legislative requirements including the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation, the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and relevant Australian and international standards.

PBS Assessors must be appointed by the NHVR and are bound by a set of obligations detailed in the PBS Assessor Accreditation Rules - April 2019 (PDF, 695KB).

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List of current PBS Assessors

Business Name Contact Details Address
Advantia Transport Consulting

Daniel Nolan
Ph: (03) 9438 6790

Saizo Takeuchi
Ph: (03) 9438 6790

30/240 Plenty Road
Bundoora VIC 3083
ARRB Group

Anthony Germanchev
Ph: (03) 9881 1555

80A Turner Street
Port Melbourne VIC 3806
Bisitecniks Pty Ltd

Keith Mackinlay

Paul Walsh
Ph: (03) 5339 6777

2 Old Creswick Rd
Wendouree VIC 3355
Bremar Automotion Pty Ltd

Brett Longhurst
Ph: (03) 9029 3323
M: 0425 724 060

Mechanical System Dynamics Pty Ltd

Dr Hans Prem
Ph: (03) 9588 1000
Fax: (03) 9588 1661

Dr Kinh-Luan Mai
Ph: (03) 9886 6316

O'Brien Traffic

Peter Eady
Ph: (03) 9804 3610 (ext. 114)
M: 0419 489 777

Philip Roper
Ph: (03) 9804 3610 (ext. 111)
M: 0419 354 778

Suite 2.03, 789 Toorak Road
Hawthorn East VIC 3123
Smedley's Engineers Andrej Bucko
Ph: (03) 9421 6697

108-110 Highett Street
Richmond VIC 3121

Tiger Spider

Brendan Coleman
Ph: (03) 9537 1027
M: 0427 940 799

Marcus Coleman
Ph: (03) 9537 1027
M: 0408 525 471

106/181 St. Kilda Road
St. Kilda VIC 3182
Truck Engineering Australia

Greg Findlater
Ph: (07) 3390 3588

Unit 14, 42 Smith Street
Capalaba QLD 4157

Role of a PBS Assessor

The role of a PBS Assessor is to:

  • assess vehicle designs against the PBS Standards
  • provide advice on the feasibility of proposed PBS vehicle designs
  • issue a signed Certificate confirming their opinion as to whether one or more of the PBS Standards are, or are likely to be, met
  • submit PBS design approval applications to the NHVR (Primary Assessors)

Their assessments will include:

  • information on performance against the PBS Standards
  • vehicle and axle mass limits
  • potential conditions of operation
  • bridge assessment (the effect the built vehicle will have on bridges)
  • likely level of PBS network access of a proposed vehicle.

The NHVR may approve a PBS Assessor against all or some of the PBS Standards.

PBS Assessors and Primary Assessors

A PBS Assessor is an individual who has been appointed by the NHVR to assess heavy vehicles to one or more of the PBS standards. A PBS Assessor may only issue certificates for standards that they are authorised.

A Primary Assessor is appointed to submit PBS Design Approval Applications. A Primary Assessor is responsible for ensuring that an assessment for each standard has been completed by an appropriately appointed PBS Assessor and the application is complete and correct.

How to become a PBS Assessor

Before completing the PBS Assessor Application form, applicants should ensure they meet the relevant suitability requirements including, qualifications and experience, eligibility and insurance considerations.

The application

Ensure all details in the application form are completed and the following supporting documents are attached:

  • Copies of relevant qualifications
  • CV showing heavy vehicle experience
  • A criminal history check (Police Name Check).

A Police Name Check can be obtained from the Police Identity Unit in the state or territory that the applicant lives.  In some jurisdictions this is available as an online service.

Forward the completed application form by email to pbs@nhvr.gov.au, including "PBS Assessor application" in the subject line. 

Applicants are reminded to indicate which of the standards they are requesting to be assess by numerical modelling, and which standards are to be assessed by physical testing. Physical testing assessments will only be carried out on the standards that have also been assessed using numerical modelling.

The application must also clearly indicate if the application is for a Primary Assessor. Only Primary Assessor can submit applications.  Generally, organisations will have their most experience PBS Assessors as Primary Assessor to manage quality and risk; however, there are advantages in having more than one Primary Assessor in organisation to manage workload and cover time like holidays.

Qualifications and experience required

An engineering qualification acceptable for professional membership of Engineers Australia (IEAust) is a minimum requirement for all PBS Assessors. This qualification should be in a mechanical field or show transferability of skill and knowledge from another.

In addition, applicants must have significant knowledge of the dynamic performance of heavy vehicles and a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the use of PBS vehicle performance simulation software.

Numerical modelling and physical testing

Potential PBS Assessors may apply to be appointed to conduct assessments by way of numerical modelling (simulation) and physical testing. PBS Assessors are required to have a minimum of 3 years’ experience simulating the dynamic performance of heavy vehicles and have ready access to acceptable modelling software. PBS Assessors are advised that they must first be appointed to assess by numerical modelling before they can be appointed to assess by physical testing.

The assessment process

Once an application has been received, an initial suitability assessment will be conducted by the NHVR.

Only applicants that meet the minimum qualifications, experience and character requirements will be considered for further assessment.

Once initial suitability is established the assessment is tailored to the Standards nominated in the application. The assessment process includes:

  • a written exam. Applicants will need to demonstrate that they know and understand the responsibilities of a PBS Assessor and have a sound understanding of both the Standards and Assessment Rules, and the PBS Assessor Accreditation Rules
  • a practical assignment. Applicants will be required to show they are competent in heavy vehicle simulation using the software they intend using as a PBS Assessor.  Simulations will include modelling the dynamic performance of a number of reference vehicles using the methods detailed in the Standards and Assessment Rules.
    Note: As this assignment is specific to the software package nominated in the application, applicants are required to be reassessed when changing to a different software package.
  • an in-person interview
  • a review of the application and assessment results by the PBS Review Panel.

Being appointed as a PBS Assessor

If an application is successful, applicants are encouraged to obtain the required insurance and develop a quality management system. Once these requirements are met, applicants will be invited to enter into an agreement with NHVR by signing a PBS Assessor Agreement.

A template PBS Assessor Agreement can be found in Appendix A to the PBS Assessor Accreditation Rules.

Insurance required

PBS Assessors are required to have the following minimum insurance:

  • $5 million professional indemnity insurance
  • $10 million public liability insurance.

Insurance policies do not need to commence until the PBS Assessor Agreement with NHVR has been completed.

More information about insurance is available in the PBS Assessor Accreditation Rules.

Other considerations for PBS Assessors

Performing PBS assessments may be considered a professional engineering service that is subject to State specific legislative requirements.

PBS Assessors should be aware of, and comply with, these other legislative requirements as a PBS Assessor appointment does not provide an exemption from these requirements.

Renewing a PBS Assessor Appointment

Application for renewal can be made by emailing the PBS team at pbs@nhvr.gov.au

PBS Assessors are asked to include ‘PBS Assessor Renewal’ in the subject line and to ensure that their PBS Assessor number and all other details relevant to their new PBS Assessor Agreement are included.

PBS Assessors are advised to submit their renewal application at least 2 months prior to expiry. By doing this, PBS Assessors may continue to assess PBS designs past the expiry of their appointment and until their new agreement is in place. Where a renewal application is received less than 2 months prior to expiry, PBS Assessors may only conduct Assessments up to the expiry of their appointment and may only recommence once a new agreement has been made:

  • where a person’s criminal history has changed since their initial application or last renewal – provide a criminal history check (Police Name Check) issued within 60 days of their renewal application: and
  • copies of their insurance policies.