Higher Mass Limits permit

Do I need a Higher Mass Limits permit?

A Higher Mass Limits (HML) permit is required for travel on a road outside of the approved HML network. Visit Higher Mass Limits for more information about HML.

Operators should check if their requested route is on an approved HML route, as they may be able to operate under a gazette notice. If any part of your journey is not on an approved HML route, you will need to apply for a HML permit.

The NHVR processes ALL HML permit applications for travel within and between the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria through the NHVR Portal.

For travel within the Northern Territory and Western Australia you need to apply directly to the relevant state or territory road transport authority.

Note: HML access in New South Wales is only available by obtaining a HML permit from the NHVR.

If you are operating a Performance-Based Standards vehicle at HML, you will need to submit a Performance-Based Standards vehicle permit application.

Note: Operators should check that their vehicle complies with the schedules and conditions in the relevant gazette notice as the permit relevant to this application will reference these same conditions.

Gazette notices - Higher Mass Limits access

State Notice HML network

New South Wales Higher Mass Limits Declaration 2020 (No.1) | PDF, 707KB

Authorises the use of certain categories of heavy vehicles under higher mass limits on stated areas and routes and states the intelligent access conditions under which these heavy vehicles may be used.

Please note the following supporting document for this notice:

New South Wales HML network

Queensland Higher Mass Limits Declaration 2019 (No.1) (PDF, 589KB)

Authorises heavy vehicles eligible to use Higher Mass Limits (HML) on stated areas and routes, during stated hours of stated days and to state the conditions under which they may be used.

Please note the following supporting document for this notice:

Queensland HML approved network

South Australia Class 3 (Application of Higher Mass Limits) Mass Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1) (PDF, 680KB)

Exempts certain heavy vehicles and combinations fitted with certified Road Friendly Suspension from mass requirements set out in the Heavy Vehicle (Mass Dimension and Loading) National Regulation, allowing operation at masses that are equivalent to Higher Mass Limits under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

Please note the following supporting document for this notice:

South Australia HML approved network

Tasmania Higher Mass Limits Declaration 2016 (No.1) (PDF, 643KB)

Please note the following supporting document for this notice:

Tasmania HML approved network

Victoria Class 3 Road Friendly Suspension Mass Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1) (PDF, 590KB)

Exempts certain heavy vehicles fitted with certified road friendly suspension from mass requirements set out in the Heavy Vehicle (Mass Dimension and Loading) National Regulation.

Victoria HML approved network

Online application

Post or fax application

Please note: If you apply through post or fax, all correspondence relating to that application will be done through the same channel.

Note: Please right-click on a form and save it to your computer, rather than opening it up directly in your web browser. The form can then be opened locally and saved.