Amend, cancel or replace permit

Amendment permit application

Permit Amendment fact sheet (345KB)

Do I need an amendment permit?

The NHVR allows the holder of a permit to request an amendment to an existing permit in limited circumstances through the NHVR Portal. The NHVR processes amendment permit applications for all permit types issued by the NHVR. For all other permit amendments (including any travel within the Northern Territory and Western Australia), you will need to apply directly to the relevant state or territory road transport authority.

Operators can submit an amendment permit application for the following reasons

  • Adding/removing registration numbers for the same vehicle specification
  • Changing company trading name or details, such as postal/physical addresses
  • Request to amend road and travel conditions
  • Minor variations to route - Please note: The difference between a minor route variation and adding a route or area can be found in the Permit Amendment fact sheet (345KB).

IMPORTANT: The Heavy Vehicle National Law only provides that the holder of a permit may request an amendment to an existing permit. If your permit is expired at time of application, you will need to submit a new permit application form.

An amendment permit application will NOT be accepted for the following reasons

  • To amend the areas or routes to which the permit applies. Applicants applying for multiple additional routes (more than one) will be required to apply for one route per application form. One route will be considered as one new destination and/or origin point. Submit new permit application instead.
  • A change in vehicle details, where the specifications (such as mass and dimension) are greater/lesser compared to the original permit issued (e.g. for Class 1 OSOM, increasing the ground contact width on a existing permit to be greater than previously approved).Submit new permit application instead.
  • Adding a heavy vehicle which is a different configuration to the original permit issued (e.g. adding a rigid truck to a permit that was originally for a prime mover and semi-trailer combination). Submit new permit application instead.
  • For an extension of time on the permit duration. Submit a renew permit application instead.

Online application

Post or fax application

Please note: If you apply through post or fax, all correspondence relating to that application will be done through the same channel.

Note: Please right-click on a form and save it to your computer, rather than opening it up directly in your web browser. The form can then be opened locally and saved.

Cancel permit application

To cancel an existing permit issued by the NHVR you can apply through the NHVR Portal. For existing permits issued by a state or territory road transport authority you must submit the request directly inline with their policy and processes.

Replacement permit application

To replace a permit that has been defaced, destroyed, lost or stolen that was issued by the NHVR, you can retrieve a copy from your Permit Library in the NHVR Portal. If your permit was issued by the NHVR prior to the Portal release, you can use the Portal to request a replacement.