NHVR submissions

The NHVR provides a number of submissions on various government policies and proposals.

Inquiry into Transport Technology

Technology and data collection is a critical part of delivering improved road freight outcomes and the NHVR has placed significant priority on positioning itself to adopt and adapt to new technologies alongside the heavy vehicle industry.

The NHVR’s submission to the inquiry considers the challenges and opportunities in relation to technology and the heavy vehicle sector and focuses on the importance of partnering with industry and jurisdictions on the collection and sharing of data to achieve better regulatory outcomes.

NSW Draft Freight and Ports Plan

The NHVR supports the development of the NSW Draft Freight and Ports Plan, which builds on a number of successful projects delivered as part of the 2013 NSW Freight and Ports Strategy. The NHVR submission is unique in the sense that we are an industry regulator providing our view of how we see the 'future state' of heavy vehicle regulation and its impact on freight movements. The link between transport infrastructure and land-use planning is critical.