Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative

The Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative program supports implementable, value-for-money projects that deliver tangible improvements to heavy vehicle safety. It is administered by the NHVR on behalf of the Commonwealth Government. The first three rounds of the program have seen $11.61 million invested in 32 projects to make Australia’s roads safer for all users.

Round 4 funding: 2019-20

The NHVR called for applications for round 4 of the program, for which $3.92 million of funding is available. Submissions closed on Friday 22 February 2019.

Projects must be started in the 2019–20 financial year and completed by 30 June 2022.

Previous projects

Round 4 funding: 2019-20

Project Applicant Description
Heavy Vehicle Safety & Safe Container Loading Practices Awareness Campaign Container Transport Alliance Australia Promote best practice in shipping container packing, cargo load restraint and weight distribution.

Truck Fire Prevention Strategy

National Bulk Tanker Association Inc.

To produce material on the causes of truck and trailer fires, and how these failure points should be addressed.

Working for a Healthier Tomorrow

NT Road Transport Association Inc.

Gather evidence on the impact on heavy vehicle drivers not involved in a road accident, of being the first responder at a road accident site. Trial the delivery of five Stop the Bleed training workshops for heavy vehicle drivers.

Transport Assistance Package for Owner-Drivers

OZHELP Foundation

To develop and pilot an industry specific health promotion and assistance program targeting owner drivers.

321 Green Reflector

Road Accident Action Group

To identify and install new 321 Green Reflector markers at identified informal truck bay rest areas, and to replace 321 Green Reflector markers at some existing sites in the Mackay and Bowen Basin region.

Green Reflector Markings of Informal Truck Bays Newell Highway


To maintain guide posts marking the approach to informal heavy vehicle rest areas on the Newell Highway.

Safer Travel Together - Heavy Vehicle and Bicycle User Awareness Campaign

Brisbane City Council

Provide advice and support to heavy vehicle operators on reducing risks around cyclists as well as advising people how to stay safe when riding near heavy vehicles.

Primary Producers Heavy Vehicle Inspection Education and Readiness Program

Grain Producers SA Ltd

To educate primary producers about requirements of the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual.

Crane Road Safety Liaison Officer

The Crane Industry Council of Australia

To promote crane safety, provide support for the return of access permit delegations to the NHVR.

Forestry Professional Ownership and Driver Wellbeing Program

Australian Forest Contractors Association

To provide fundamental behavioural change information and tools for those within the forest industry who are at the highest risk to cause loss of life or serious injury from heavy vehicle crashes.

Fatigue Management and Chain of Responsibility Education

Waste Contractors and Recyclers Assoc. of NSW

To educate waste and recycling industry stakeholders across New South Wales and ACT about fatigue management and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Workshops


Delivering 15 CoR education workshops directly to growers in NSW, Vic and Qld and provide online access to the workshops to other growers across Australia.

Mentally and Physically Safe (MaPS) on our Roads

Injury Matters

To raise heavy vehicle industry awareness and knowledge of the importance of mental and physical safety to prevent road crashes, and to address the impact of road trauma on mental health.

CoR and SMS Training

Livestock Bulk and Rural Carriers Association

To deliver 12 workshops to educate up to 240 remotely-located livestock transport industry stakeholders about CoR and Safety Management Systems.

Video Marketing Initiative

Trucking Support Agency of Australia

To bridge the knowledge and communication gap that currently exists between regulatory authorities and its target transport industry audience.

4 Points of Contact

Shift Training Pty Ltd

To educate 1000 new heavy vehicle drivers throughout Queensland about key heavy vehicle safety issues and ongoing 18 month survey of their driving experience.

Inexperienced Heavy Vehicle Driver and Caravaner Road Safety Education and Awareness

Whiteline Television

To develop a series of videos for provide practical and tailored advice on key road safety issues for inexperienced heavy vehicle drivers and caravaners.

Waste and Recycling Industry Code of Practice for Load Management

Waste & Recycling Industry of Queensland

To develop and register a waste and recycling industry code of practice to address all transport related risks particular to the waste and recycling industry beyond the Master Code.

WiTA Christmas 2019 Female Heavy Vehicle Driver Road Safety Advertising Campaign

Women in Trucking Australia

To develop and promote four 15 second community road safety advertisements featuring Australian female heavy vehicle drivers.

Trailer Coupling Improvements


To investigate the rate and cause of transport carrier coupling failures with a view to providing recommendations on turntable design improvements.

Livestock Loading in Saleyards Industry Code of Practice

Australian Livestock Markets Association

To develop and register a sale yard livestock loading industry code of practice. 

A Guide for Heavy Vehicle Replacement Spare Parts

Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association Inc

To raise awareness of the safety implications of choosing heavy vehicle replacement spare parts through the development of a guide for heavy vehicle replacement spare parts.

National heavy vehicle camera network

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

On-going rollout of heavy vehicle safety cameras in WA, NT and Tasmania.

Oversize over mass information videos

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Development of information and awareness campaign about  light vehicle operating around OSOM heavy vehicles




Round 3 funding: 2018-19

Project Applicant Description
Chain of Responsibility 101 for saleyards Australian Livestock Markets Association Development of a 'chain of responsibility 101' user guide/handbook to provide operation specific compliance guidance of chain of responsibility (CoR) laws relevant to saleyard and livestock transport activities.
DriveAbout: Sharing the Road with Trucks Ambrose Business Solutions Ensure that DriveAbout (an edu-tech app focusing on learner driver education) delivers comprehensive advice re 'Sharing the Road with Trucks', including four TV-quality animations.
Joint Business and Transport Industry CoR Education Western Roads Federation 6 joint industry/business events about CoR legislation - 5 across regional WA and 1 in Alice Springs (NT).
Safe Systems: Transport COR in Tasmanian Supply Chains Tasmanian Transport Association This project is designed to create an environment where new laws for CoR achieve greater acceptance, and parties to the supply chain develop confidence to progress proactive safety systems to work safely and legally within the law.
Truckies top ten tips for sharing the road with trucks Whiteline Television Pty Ltd This project would see the creation of a series of videos based on the truck drivers top ten tips for sharing the road safely with heavy vehicles. The video is to be released on the web and in hard copy as a road safety educational tool.
Chain of Responsibility awareness, education and training for primary producers Grain Producers SA, Grain Trade Australia and National Farmers’ Federation CoR awareness for primary producers.
Fatigue Management and Chain of Responsibility courses tailored to the waste and recycling industry Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of NSW No fee training courses about fatigue management and CoR, specifically targeted at waste transporters and waste facilities who do not possess the financial resources to offer training to their transport staff. The courses would be tailored specifically to reflect the unique aspects of the waste and recycling industry in respect of vehicle operation liability and regulations.
Heavy Vehicle Safety Around Ports Queensland Trucking Association and Port of Brisbane The project will investigate the feasibility of using three safety measures to improve road safety around Australian ports and share the learnings for broader industry benefit.
Brake Calculator Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) The proposal is to develop a web based brake calculator to assist single and multi-combination truck owners to improve the braking performance of their vehicles.
Crane Project The Crane Industry Council of Australia Improving safety in the crane industry.
An industry-government partnership to construct and operate a roadside livestock effluent disposal facility for heavy vehicles Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association This project will establish Australia's first roadside effluent disposal facility for livestock carriers. The facility will service up to 20,000 semi-trailer equivalent movements, removing up to 2,500,000 litres of effluent from the road corridor annually. Captured effluent will be redirected for productive purposes such as irrigation, soil composting, worm farms or energy generation.
A safety truck resource servicing WA and NT Transafe WA Comprising a prime mover and customised trailer/mobile classroom, the vehicle will tour WA and into the NT engaging people of all ages on the importance of heavy vehicles and how to share the road safely with them.
#GetTruckWise Campaign City of Greater Bendigo and Australian Trucking Association This project is an education and behaviour change campaign targeting passenger car drivers in their encounters with heavy vehicles. It centres on use of engaging activations, including 360 videos and virtual reality technology to improve driver skills, habits and hazard awareness.
National Safety Camera Network Priority Installation Sites 2018-19 National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Continuation of the staged roll-out of the National Safety Camera Network. The Camera Network is part of a larger project the NHVR is undertaking to link heavy vehicle monitoring data sets with point-in-time intercept information, and share this information across borders.

Round 2 funding: 2017-18

Project Applicant Description
Safety Education and Awareness Campaign to help Road and Rest Stop users to "Coexist" Caravan Industry Association of Australia A partnership education program to inform caravan and RV travellers on the appropriate use of rest stop sites and the risks associated with disruptive behaviour to help foster a safer environment for all road users.
Master Registered Code of Practice Australian Logistics Council and the Australian Trucking Association Development of a Master Registered Code of Practice for registration under section 706 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) by peak industry bodies. The Master Code will especially assist small trucking companies with fewer than 20 employees, which comprise around 98% of trucking businesses.
Investigating the Feasibility of User-Pay Loading and Unloading Infrastructure Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association Funding of the construction of a stock crate Pivoting Access Landing (PAL) frame at a major livestock processing facility in Australia to investigate the feasibility of user-pay loading and unloading infrastructure, to help address safety issues in transporting livestock.
Forestry Logistics Safety Program Australian Forest Contractors Association Series of Australia-wide forestry logistic safety workshops targeted specifically at operators and loaders working within this high-risk industry. The workshops will provide information on legal obligations of securing loads; the stability of vehicles transporting forestry products and how to minimise truck rollover risk; identifying deficiencies in existing load restraint systems; and emerging new technologies and their use.
Standard School Bus Light Systems Bus Industry Confederation Development of a national standard for school bus light systems. This is designed to ensure safety messaging can be made consistent across Australia. It will especially assist in areas where school buses cross borders.
Sharing the Road Education Campaign (agricultural industry) In collaboration with industry stakeholders This road education campaign for the agricultural industry will help people driving on regional and rural roads understand the time sensitivities around the movement of over size and overmass vehicles.
Safe Freight Networks Safe Freight Networks Australia Systematic roll out of Local Safe Freight Networks (SFNs) in areas where heavy vehicle crashes are higher than average, including research to determine priority areas.
Green Reflector Markings of Informal Truck Bays - Newell Highway Truckright This campaign will see green reflector markings installed near informal truck bays along the Newell Highway.  Truck drivers will be informed of the initiative and reminded of how to use truck stopping bays to manage fatigue.
Heavy Vehicle Compliance Monitoring Network State and Territory governments Funding to implement an expanded network of heavy vehicle compliance monitoring cameras in Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and South Australia.
Bus Fire Evacuation Protocol and Advice Bus Industry Confederation Development of a Bus Fire Evacuation Protocol, as a practical tool to train drivers and managers about what to do in the event of a bus fire.
Heavy Vehicle Safety Hotline NHVR (with industry stakeholders) A hotline that will allow individuals within the heavy vehicle industry to anonymously report potential infringements to the Regulator and service delivery partners.
Heavy Vehicle Adverse Environment Operations Forum South Gippsland Shire Council A six-month trial of fog driving awareness is fog-prone areas, as well as the development of an operational plan and communication strategy.