About fatigue management

Driver fatigue or drowsy driving is an important safety hazard for the road transport industry. Fatigue laws apply to fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles.

Counting time and record keeping

Work time and rest time must be counted in a certain way and record keepers must keep a record of specific information for drivers of fatigue regulated heavy vehicles.

Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs)

Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) the NHVR is the only authority that can approve EWD systems and services. Section 343 of the HVNL states what the NHVR must be satisfied with in order to approve an EWD. This

Fatigue management exemptions

Operators and drivers can apply for work and rest hours, work diary and record keeping exemptions if they cannot reasonably work under the legislated fatigue management requirements.

Personal use of a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle

The NHVR is seeking feedback on a proposed national work and rest exemption notice that would provide up to an hour of additional work time to allow drivers to use a fatigue regulated heavy vehicle for personal activities.

Work and rest requirements

Drivers of fatigue-regulated vehicles must comply with certain maximum work and minimum rest limits. There are three work and rest options available under the HVNL.

Work Diary

A work diary is evidence that a driver’s work and rest hours are compliant with the law and that their fatigue is being managed.