Renew permit

The NHVR processes permit renewals for all permit types issued by the NHVR through the NHVR Portal. If your original permit was issued by a state or territory road transport authority and it is for a permit type now issued by the NHVR, you are eligible to renew your current permit with the NHVR.

For all other permit renewals (including any travel within the Northern Territory and Western Australia), you will need to apply directly to the relevant state or territory road transport authority.

If the permit has expired, a new application must be submitted.

Renewal applications can be submitted for current permits and should be submitted no earlier than 6 weeks before the permit expires. Renewal applications submitted earlier than 6 weeks before permit expiry may not be processed.

Changes to permit

  • Also, if there are any changes to your current permit, for example, different type of heavy vehicle or additional areas or routes, you will need to apply for a new permit and submit the appropriate permit application.

Gazetted routes

  • Operators should also check before submitting a renewal application as their requested route may now be approved to operate under a gazette notice and no longer require a permit.

Online applications

Post or fax application

Please note: If you apply through post or fax, all correspondence relating to that application will be done through the same channel.

Note: Please right-click on a form and save it to your computer, rather than opening it up directly in your web browser. The form can then be opened locally and saved.