Record keeping requirements

Record keepers must keep a record of specific information for drivers of fatigue regulated heavy vehicles. A record keeper may be the:

For each driver the record keeper must keep:

  • the driver’s name, licence number and contact details
  • the dates fatigue regulated heavy vehicles were driven
  • the registration number of the vehicle(s) driven
  • the total of each driver’s work and rest times for each day and each week
  • copies of duplicate work diary daily sheets (if applicable)
  • driver’s rosters and trip schedules (including changeovers)
  • driver timesheets and pay records
  • any other information as required as a condition of an accreditation or exemption (such as driver training and health assessments).

Drivers must provide their record keeper with their relevant work and rest hours totals and any other relevant vehicle information the record keeper may not reasonably have access to (registration numbers, dates the driver worked, etc.).

The record location is determined by the record keeper and notified to the driver. The record location is usually the driver’s base.

All records must be:

  • kept for three years after they are created
  • kept at a location accessible to an authorised officer for audit or investigation purposes
  • in a format that is readable and reasonably assumed it will be readable in at least three years from the date of its creation.