Controlled Access Bus 12.5m-14.5m permit

Do you need a Controlled Access Bus Permit?

A controlled access bus permit is required for travel on a road outside of the approved controlled access bus network. A controlled access bus means a bus, other than an articulated bus, longer than 12.5 metres but not more than 14.5 metres long. 

Operators should check if their requested route is on an approved controlled access bus route, as they may be able to operate under a gazette notice. If any part of your journey is not on an approved controlled access bus route you will need to apply for a controlled access bus permit.

The NHVR processes ALL Class 2 controlled access bus permit applications for travel within and between the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria through the NHVR Portal.

For travel within the Northern Territory and Western Australia you need to apply directly to the relevant state or territory road transport authority.

In the process of seeking consent from the road manager, the NHVR will request the road manager to consider the route to be included as a route approved under the gazette notice.

Note: Operators should check that their vehicle complies with the schedules and conditions in the relevant gazette notice as the permit relevant to this application will reference these same conditions.

Gazette notices - Controlled Access Bus access

State Notice
ACT, NSW, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic

National Class 3 Controlled Access Bus Exemption Notice 2019 (No.1) (PDF, 901KB)

Provides access to controlled access buses that are more than 12.5m long, but not more than 14.5m long, and are compliant vehicles or have a rear overhang dimension that exceeds regulation limits.

Compliant buses from 12.5m to 14.5m long are also considered Class 2 vehicles under s116 of the HVNL. However, this Notice grants such vehicles access as though they are exempted Class 3 vehicles, and provide the same access.

Online application

NHVR Portal

Post or fax application

Please note: If you apply through post or fax, all correspondence relating to that application will be done through the same channel.

Note: Please right-click on a form and save it to your computer, rather than opening it up directly in your web browser. The form can then be opened locally and saved.