Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6

Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6: National Code of Practice Heavy Vehicle Modifications, known as VSB6, is the national standard for the most common modifications made to heavy vehicles.

Under the NHVR Code of Practice for the Approval of Heavy Vehicle Modifications, the NHVR has set VSB6 as the primary standard used by Approved Vehicle Examiners (AVEs) to approve modifications to heavy vehicles.

VSB 6 is published by the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and can be viewed at

Review of VSB6

In 2015, the NHVR assumed the role of chair of the VSB6 working group, responsible for the maintenance of VSB6 and ensuring it is kept current and up to date with developing vehicle technologies.

The working group commenced a comprehensive review in June 2015, which will review and redesign VSB6 over an 18 month period.

Public Consultation

As part of the VSB6 review, the NHVR will release a revised version of VSB6 for a period of public consultation in late 2016. AVEs, vehicle operators and other parties with an interest in heavy vehicle modifications will be able to review the updated VSB6 and provide feedback for consideration by the NHVR and VSB6 working group.

Additional information about the public consultation period will be made available on this page later in 2016.

VSB6 working group

The VSB6 working group is made up of representatives from the following organisations:

  • National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (Chair)
  • Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
  • Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Transport for New South Wales
  • New South Wales Road and Maritime Services
  • Access Canberra
  • VicRoads
  • Tasmanian Department of State Growth
  • South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
  • Northern Territory Department of Transport
  • Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association
  • Australian Trucking Association
  • Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Australia
  • Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Victoria
  • Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia
  • NatRoads
  • Truck Industry Council