Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6

Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6: National Code of Practice Heavy Vehicle Modifications, known as VSB6, is the national standard for the most common modifications made to heavy vehicles.

Under the NHVR Code of Practice for the Approval of Heavy Vehicle Modifications, the NHVR has set VSB6 as the primary standard used by Approved Vehicle Examiners (AVEs) to approve modifications to heavy vehicles.

VSB 6 is published by the Australian Motor Vehicle Certification Board (AMVCB) and can be viewed at

Review of VSB6

The NHVR is the chair of the VSB6 Working Group, responsible for the maintenance of VSB6 and ensuring it is kept current and up-to-date with developing vehicle technologies.

Comprised of representatives from state and territory transport authorities, industry associations and relevant subject matter experts, the working group commenced a comprehensive review in July 2015 to update and redesign VSB6 over a two-year period.

From Monday 6 February 2017 until Friday 17 March 2017, the NHVR released a public consultation draft of VSB6 for review. The NHVR sought input and feedback from the broader heavy vehicle industry, including vehicle modifiers and AVEs, who use VSB6 every day. The period of public consultation is now closed and the NHVR has begun to review and consider all feedback received.

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