About access management

The NHVR coordinates a range of access applications from start to finish, liaising directly with road managers to manage applications and issue permits.


The responsibility for issuing permits for the different heavy vehicle classes changes depending on the jurisdiction in which you are travelling.

Delegations project

The National Operational Strategy and Policy Advisory Group has endorsed the return of all access permit delegations and processing back to the NHVR by the end of 2018.

Intelligent Access Program

The IAP uses satellite tracking and wireless communication technology to remotely monitor where, when, and how heavy vehicles are being operated on the road network.

NHVR Portal

The NHVR Portal is an online system that streamlines the way industry prepares, lodges and tracks their road permit applications.

Third-party approvals

Third-party entities are sometimes required to provide approval, or to be consulted, if vehicle movement exceeds certain mass or dimension limits.