Training in fatigue risk management

For the purpose of operating under the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS) fatigue management module, operators may need their drivers, schedulers, and supervisors or managers of drivers or schedulers, to complete fatigue units of competency offered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

New fatigue units of competency

On 1 July 2018 new fatigue units of competency came into effect.

The new fatigue units of competency provide drivers, schedulers, supervisors and managers with information critical to effectively manage the risk of fatigue in road transport operations.

The new fatigue units are:

For a comparison between the old and new fatigue units, see:

All drivers or schedulers who are currently operating under a BFM or AFM accreditation do not need to complete the new courses. Courses completed prior to 1 July 2018 that will continue to be recognised are:

Drivers Schedulers
TLIF 1007C TLIF 6307A
TLIF 2010A TLIF 3063A
TLIF 2010 TLIF 3063

NHVAS approved Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)