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At the NHVR we aim to deliver an excellent experience to our customers to ensure a safe and productive heavy vehicle industry. We want the experience to be consistent, accountable and transparent. 

As a customer service-driven organisation, we aim to deliver services professionally, ensuring we take ownership of issues and proactively seek solutions. We review our commitments regularly to continue to shape and improve our organisation around our customers' needs. The NHVR is a facilitator therefore we want to make it easy for you to run your business in the safest and most productive way.

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Our customers

Every time a customer uses one of our services or interacts with us, it shapes their experience.

We define customer experience as a customer’s perception and feelings about an organisation resulting from their interactions with our services, systems, and staff. A customer’s experience with us can start well before making contact and a customer may have more than one point of contact or touchpoint. These touchpoints can happen across multiple service channels such as online, phone, or on the road, and with more than one person in the organisation. A better understanding of those experiences will help us determine how we can make life easier for our customers.

NHVR Customer Definition - Our customers include any person or organisation who uses our services or with whom we work in order to ensure a safe and productive heavy vehicle industry.

Our customer experience principles

These guiding principles help us to achieve an experience vision. The principles inform the design and delivery of the aspirational experience at every touch point. If the vision is what we aim for, the principles are how we get there.

The NHVR customer experience principles are; you do what you say you are going to do, you make my industry better, you enable me to make informed decisions, you genuinely understand my needs.

Our customer commitments

Our customer service charter supports our commitment to upholding the highest standard of customer service excellence and provides you with information on how we will achieve this. 

The customer service standards are the standards you can expect when dealing with NHVR to ensure an excellent customer experience.

Customer service standards

Our service commitment

  • We are respectful to our customers
  • We provide prompt, courteous, and efficient customer service
  • We will provide end to end solutions within our capability
  • We are realistic and transparent in terms of what we can do and by when
  • We provide you with accurate and consistent information
  • We behave professionally and with integrity when representing the NHVR
  • We respect your privacy
  • We understand customer problems and provide beneficial outcomes
  • We actively seek out your feedback to ensure our service is meeting your needs

Telephone enquiries 

  • We will answer your call promptly
  • We treat you as an individual and personalise your call
  • We will respond to recorded voice messages within one business day
  • We take personal responsibility and ownership of your enquiry
  • We actively listen to your enquiry to understand the purpose of your call
  • We ask for permission before transferring you or putting your call on hold
  • We keep you updated with progress if your call is ‘on hold’ for more than two minutes, or alternatively, we will ask if you would prefer a call back to avoid delays


  • We give you our full attention
  • We are professional in our appearance
  • We take the time to build report
  • We treat you as an individual
  • We are friendly and welcoming

Written, website or email enquiries

  • We acknowledge all enquiries within one business day of receipt 
  • Where your enquiry requires more in-depth follow-up, we will notify you in writing of the anticipated timeframe 
  • We communicate using clear, simple language and will limit the use of jargon 
  • We maintain a professional and friendly tone when communicating in writing 
  • We always provide an email signature with appropriate contact details

Social media

  • Our social accounts will be monitored seven days a week and we will respond to direct messages within one business day. At times we may need to do further investigation to answer your query. In these instances, we will inform you
  • We will ensure the acceptable use of our social media accounts and will reply when a response is deemed positive and constructive
  • We will strive to provide a response to you on the same social media platform, however, where applicable we will provide the relevant contact to assist with your enquiry.

Becoming a certified customer service organisation

The NHVR is working with Customer Service Institute of Australia to meet the requirements of the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS). This standard will further enable the NHVR to ensure we have the strategies, systems, people and processes that contribute to customer success and overall organisation performance.

The benefits of the NHVR becoming ICSS-certified include:

  • reinforcing our reputation as a customer-focused organisation
  • creating a strong point of difference among regulators
  • establishing a consistent approach to helping our customers
  • having the capacity to engage with more of our customers.

We look forward to engaging with you, our customers and getting your feedback as we continue along the certification journey.

Our customer journey maps

A customer journey map is the NHVR visual storyline of every engagement our customer has with your service, brand or product. A journey map is our commitment to understanding your needs and improving our services.

Target State Experience - On Road Activity (PDF, 703KB)

Your feedback

We value feedback and are committed to managing all complaints in an accountable, transparent and timely way. In 2019-20, we received 43 complaints with:

  • 0 complaints resulting in further action
  • 43 complaints resulting in no further action
  • 0 complaints still under investigation.

The number of complaints received rose by 205% to 43 in 2019-20 which is up from 14 in 2018-19. This was mainly due to changes to service delivery methods and user unfamiliarity with these. 

Almost half of the complaints received related to access matters, in particular the processing of Queensland and New South Wales OSOM permit applications through the NHVR Portal as a consequence of the Return of Delegations Project.

The average time to resolve complaints rose from 2.5 days in 2018-19 to 5 days in 2019-20. This was due to the time required to investigate a small number of more-complex complaints.

All complaints were responded to within our service standard of 15 working days.

Policies and processes