NHVR Safety Policy consultation

This consultation closed on 5 November 2018. The NHVR would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback. 

Key document

What is it?

The NHVR Safety Policy outlines the intent and the guiding principles the NHVR applies in developing and administering a regulatory framework that supports the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and our vision for safety in the heavy vehicle industry.

It reinforces our commitment to the continuous improvement of our regulatory oversight while embracing an organisational ‘just culture’ philosophy. That is, a philosophy that embraces learning, recognises the influence of work systems on human performance and establishes clear parameters for acceptable behaviour.

It highlights the NHVR’s focus on adopting evidence based practices to identify and address safety risks in the heavy vehicle industry and recognises the importance of consultation and collaboration in administering effective oversight.

The NHVR Safety Policy is an internal NHVR corporate document and its principles are adopted throughout key decision making processes in the delivery of the NHVR’s regulatory oversight. It is made public to our external stakeholders in support of the NHVR’s commitment to consistent and transparent administration of the HVNL.