VSB6 Section T - Tow trucks review

Industry feedback provided during the recent review of VSB6 indicated that Section T – Tow Trucks required updating to align with current design and construction techniques.

The NHVR has consulted with working groups and subject matter experts to conduct a review of Section T – Tow trucks.

Have your say: 7 December 2020 – 29 January 2021

We are now seeking input and feedback from the broader heavy vehicle industry, including vehicle modifiers and approved vehicle examiners (AVEs), who use Section T.

From Monday 7 December 2020 until Friday 29 January 2021, a public consultation draft of the revised VSB6 Section T will be available for review.

Key documents

Making a submission

The NHVR will only accept submissions made on the VSB6 feedback form.

Submissions must address the technical content and usability of the standard.

Submissions may be published by the NHVR and will be circulated to the working groups or other relevant parties during the review process. If you don’t want your personal information to be published, please indicate this clearly in your submission.

Please note: This is a consultation draft only. Before the final document is published, the NHVR will be undertaking a full quality assurance process, including proof reading, insertion of appropriate images and diagrams, and final reformatting. These documents are drafts only and may be changed following feedback provided during public consultation. The drafts are not to be regarded as an authorised standard until approved and issued by relevant heavy vehicle regulators.