National Heavy Vehicle Standards (Special Purpose Vehicles) Exemption Notice 2021

What is it?

Heavy vehicles including Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) must comply with the requirements of the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation

The National Heavy Vehicle Standards (Special Purpose Vehicles) Exemption Notice 2021 provides an exemption for the vehicles defined in the notice from specific requirements of the Vehicle Standards Regulation and includes operating conditions that offset some of the risks posed by the vehicle non-compliances.

Note: Vehicles operating under this notice must still obtain permission to access the road network and must comply with the conditions detailed in their access permit or access notice.

Why we’re consulting

This notice removes the access permissions and combines the existing under and over 40t vehicle standards notices. Feedback from industry ensures that the notice remains comprehensive, relevant and that all relevant vehicles have been considered. 


An extensive review of the existing notices has been conducted, the revised notice introduces more flexible definitions so that it can be applied to a wider variety of vehicles. This notice combines the vehicle standards exemptions contained in the existing notices listed below: 

Providing feedback

Please provide any feedback to by COB Tuesday 1 June 2021.